Most Adorable Picnic Accessories Ever

Things I think about when I daydream about Spring: flowers, nature, song birds, cold + fresh lemonade, open windows, cleaning, and of course picnics. It almost makes me bust out into song and dance. This winter really sucked so I think I love Spring so so much more than usual this year. There’s no rhyme … Continue reading Most Adorable Picnic Accessories Ever

Spring Button Down Dress OOTD

DRESS - $11 | JACKET - $80 | SNEAKERS $61 | SUNGLASSES $179 | HEADBAND $13 | BRACELET - $26 This little number is as cute as could be. I absolutely love a simple little button up dress, it’s perfect for spring and summer! Picnics, ballgames, to the farmer’s market…. If this virus is ever over 🙄 Easily pair … Continue reading Spring Button Down Dress OOTD