• One-Stop Shop Best Labor Day Sales

    One-Stop Shop Best Labor Day Sales

    Ahhh, labor day. What. A. Holiday. Ammiright? A whole day that is literally praised for the hardworking Americans that work their 9-5 jobs, come home and shower, and wake up and do it again the next day. So what better way to spend a holiday then to sit at home and S H O P.…

  • Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 2020

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 2020

    The single best time of the year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It’s one of the biggest sales of the whole year and it’s always a blast to be able to show and help y’all with knowing what to buy before the sale even happens. And it’s really fun to purchase discounted fall items before they are posted…

  • Fourth of July Sales: 2020

    Fourth of July Sales: 2020

    Fourth of July is this weekend, friends and I’m so excited to share these great sales with you! So many sales to finally get that something you’ve been wanting for a while! S H O P    H E R E TOP (SIMILAR + SIMILAR) / JEANS / SHOES (SIMILAR) / WATCH / BAG (SIMILAR)…

  • National Lipstick Day | Favorite Lipsticks

    National Lipstick Day | Favorite Lipsticks

    Did you know today was National Lipstick Day!? Yeah, there’s literally a holiday to celebrate lipstick… And that’s the type of positivity I need in my life 😂🙌🏼 I love a good lippie and today I  obviously H A D  to share with you my favorites + show you some good deals that you need to snag…

  • My Favorite Espadrille Sandals

    My Favorite Espadrille Sandals

    April 3rd is marked as National espadrille day! Even if it’s a made up holiday.. I find no reason to not go out and buy more 😉 Marc Fisher has a sale on espadrilles, and I can’t WAIT to share some of my favorites with you from the sale. 💐 Espadrille Wedges – $32.99 | Espadrille…

  • Green Monday Sales 2018

    Green Monday Sales 2018

    Just when you thought Black Friday and Cyber Monday was over….. Your credit card is in for another round of constant spending because Today is…. Green Monday. It’s a sale that happens the second Monday of December, huge sales from tech items to Maurices – Online only 30% – 50% off + free shipping Super…

  • The Best Memorial Day Sales: 2018

    The Best Memorial Day Sales: 2018

    Memorial Day. Such a beautiful day to remember the ones who have passed. But, with such a beautiful day.. comes some sales! So, I have sales for ya 🇺🇸

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