• My Favorite Recipes From Joanna Gaines

    My Favorite Recipes From Joanna Gaines

    Discover new recipes from the queen of homemade meals.

  • What’s in My Beach Bag?

    What’s in My Beach Bag?

    Similar bag (and here) // Sunglasses (similar) // Hat Hi Y’all! It’s officially Summer! How happy does that make you? Because I’m 100% happy as can be. One of my favorite things to do in the summer time is go to the beach or lay by the pool all day and just bask in the sun…

  • Mexican tacos / pasta

    Mexican tacos / pasta

    Y’all, I have to share with you this incredible recipe I found that totally blew me away by how great it was! I’m all for trying fixing the same meals frequently, but I always feel like I make the same food every week and this week I wanted to try something, not really new, but easy…

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