Fall Knit Sweater

Burnt orange sweater - $39.99 / Distressed jeans - $29.99 ($10 OFF!) / Louis Vuitton purse - $1,260 / Ankle boots - $129 / Bangle bracelet - $32.99 / Charm bracelet - $150 / Leather bracelet - $24.99 Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! I know I bought way too much candy and had one, trick or … Continue reading Fall Knit Sweater

Day Designer Planner Review

Hi friends. So, I've told y'all a while back how much of an organization freak I am and let me just tell you, I've owned every planner made. (Wish I was kidding) Seriously though, I've owned so many from Blue Sky, to the "mom" planner, to Lily Pulitzer, The Hot to Trot, (the exact one I had in 6th … Continue reading Day Designer Planner Review