Day Designer Planner Review

Hi friends. So, I've told y'all a while back how much of an organization freak I am and let me just tell you, I've owned every planner made. (Wish I was kidding) Seriously though, I've owned so many from Blue Sky, to the "mom" planner, to Lily Pulitzer, The Hot to Trot, (the exact one I had in 6th … Continue reading Day Designer Planner Review

Best Memorial Day Sales

One//Two//Three//Four//Five//Six//Seven//Eight//Nine//Ten Hey beauties, Happy Memorial Day weekend! I found a few items that are on an awesome sale for the holiday! Some are even my favorite finds from the Nordstrom half yearly sale! (Fav time of year) Also, ALL of these items are $60 or LESS!!! Check it out, thanks for stopping by and Happy … Continue reading Best Memorial Day Sales