June Notes・Looking Ahead + What’s Inspiring Me

A Quick Update May was such a busy month for me, and quite honestly.. So was June. I’m not quite sure why… Could be because I got a new job and it’s a dream job but the environment there is spacey, or the fact that I’ve been having my in laws in and out for … Continue reading June Notes・Looking Ahead + What’s Inspiring Me

My Blog Turns One!

KEEP CALM MY BLOG IS TURNING ONE!!! 🎉💗🙌🏼 And on this day, 365 days ago, Beautiful Blest Mess was born. Would it be cliche for me to say, it's been a roller coaster.. Some good days and some bad days? Because W O A H what a roller coaster!? Seriously I couldn't begin to tell … Continue reading My Blog Turns One!