5 Goals to Start This Month

(Shoes linked here) First off!! HELLO FEBRUARY! đź’— When starting a new year, I think the most overused resolutions is to lose weight and to work-out more. Which isn't a bad thing, but most generally... People don't stick to it, and its sad. But you can always start again at the beginning of February! But, … Continue reading 5 Goals to Start This Month

Bible Verse: Week 13

Happy Wednesday, Y'all! It snowed here in Lake Charles! Not a lot... but still! SNOW. It was just awesome.. I love snow. Back home, it's been snowing a lot... OF COURSE. But like I said, it snowed, BEFORE it started snowing and sleeting, I started running. Outside. For 2 miles. The worst thing ever. It was … Continue reading Bible Verse: Week 13