Bible Verse: Week 13

Happy Wednesday, Y'all! It snowed here in Lake Charles! Not a lot... but still! SNOW. It was just awesome.. I love snow. Back home, it's been snowing a lot... OF COURSE. But like I said, it snowed, BEFORE it started snowing and sleeting, I started running. Outside. For 2 miles. The worst thing ever. It was … Continue reading Bible Verse: Week 13

Bible Verse Week: 12

Pink Woven Rug - $44.99 / Tortoise Glasses - $178 / Notebook - target dollar spot! / Notetaking Bible - $14.99 It's so close to Christmas, friends! I love it so much.. Just seeing my family and watching them open presents and seeing their smiles, I love the cold and going to late night Starbucks runs.. I'm … Continue reading Bible Verse Week: 12