Valentine’s Day OOTD

T-shirt - $14.99 | Jeans - $49.95 | Peacoat - $54.97 | Belt - $350 (Inspired belt - $32.99 | Shoes - $39.99 | Earrings - $12.99 Ugh, Target does it again, rocking the holidays with graphic tees. I thought this was the cutest tee! It gives me literally ALL the V-Day vibes and I’m LOVING it. … Continue reading Valentine’s Day OOTD

New Trends I’m Trying in 2019

Okay… Raise your hand if your wardrobe needs a much needed update for 2019?! 🙋🏽‍♀️ I know I could use a major pep in my step when it comes to trends. There’s always something new coming along and I always try my best to try them for myself and see what they’re all about. So here … Continue reading New Trends I’m Trying in 2019