Bible Verse Week: 11

HI FRIENDS! Yesterday I had all the coffee shop vibes. I went to a cute little place downtown in Lake Charles and I fell in love with it! It's about 13 minutes from my house and I couldn't love a place more. If you like in Lake Charles, LA or near - DEF visit! Stellar … Continue reading Bible Verse Week: 11

Olive top + distressed jeans

Hi friends! Let's take a second to be thankful that IT'S FALL! 🎃🍂☕️👻🏈 (Even if it's still 100° outside!) Okay, (lol) so... I've been meaning to share this outfit with you for a while! I've had this top (similar) for quite a bit, but it's still a fav! And it came from Target... soooo?! Also, these (similar) jeans … Continue reading Olive top + distressed jeans