Tell us about you.

Hello friends! My name is Brigite Workman. I’m from a little farm town in Kentucky where everyone knows everyone and they obsess over high school football and sweet tea. After graduating high school I went to college for accounting and business and one semester in, I moved 1,000 miles away to Louisiana with my boyfriend, (Ashton) who was my high school sweetheart and is now my wonderful husband. Since getting married, we’ve adopted a Weimaraner named Riley, an Australian blue heeler named Dozer, and a sweet kitty named Pocket.

In a nutshell, I have a strong found love for the color pink, every type of flower ever, and releasing my creative side though photography, painting or writing! I’m a country bumpkin who likes to dress up while staying in budget.

What’s your blog about?

This is a blog about a lot of different things. It ranges to the exact shoes I’m wearing to one of my favorite bible verses. But all in all, this is a blog about my fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Why/When did you start a blog?

I really wanted to start a blog years ago! So one day I finally took the leap and started this baby. I love all things fashion + beauty and I always found joy in showing and helping people in my everyday life with a broad of different things; like what to wear or decorating their home! Finally I decided maybe other people would like to see my ideas and that’s where it all began. Between class work and caring for my hubby and pup, blogging was a great way to pass the time and I couldn’t love it more!

Beautiful Blest Mess was an official site in late 2016. I am fairly “new” at all this and learn everyday. I want to be an original, not like any other blog! I wanted to be a blogger who is a southern belle with a touch of modern, everyday style, all the while of being a mentor and a friend.

Grab a cup of whatever feels right and hide away for a bit.


P.S — I post daily on instagram + on Pinterest! You can follow along with me there.

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