Goals for 2023 – That I Can Actually Achieve

New Year’s resolutions have never really been my thing. I feel like I always say “I wanna shed a few pounds” or the classic “I’m gonna save money.” And do either ever happen? Well, to put it nicely, hell no. I heard once we make resolutions that we think we want, not resolutions that will actually make us healthier and happier.

We think losing weight will help us be more confident, we think saving money will somehow make us happier but in reality these “goals” are distracting us from actual lifelong goals that will ultimately make us happy and healthy in more ways than just physical.

I came up with a few things that I actually wanna ✨ manifest ✨ in the new year, and thought I’d share them here in case you haven’t found the perfect goal to inspire you, yet.

Cleaner Eating

– Do gut checks before and after certain foods and keep track of what makes you not feel great.

– Ditch those harsh, hard to follow diets.

– DRINK MORE WATER (This is not my strong suit)

– Plan meals before grocery shopping.

Just For Me

– If you wanna say no, say it and mean it.

– Get fresh air. Go fro walks, not only for exercise, but for the beauty of it.

– Do more hair care.

– Make sunscreen a crucial part in your skincare.

For The Home

– Decorate spaces that make you happy. Even if it’s not trendy.

– Create a more stable monthly cleaning plan.

– Descale decor in spaces.

– Wake up to a clean house, so clean before bed.

Snippets to Live by.

– Not everyone deserves the best version of you.

– Dream bigger than what feels big to you today.

– Live a life that feels right to you. Stop basing your decisions on the opinion of others.

– Make more mindful purchases.

– Start Christmas shopping TODAY! If mom would like this, buy it and store if for the holidays.

– Feel more. Take in moments and actually let it live in you for a few.

– Take more videos. Hear the background noise, the voices of the ones you love.

– Your gut knows best. Don’t ignore it.

– Notice the way people make you feel and don’t forget it.

– Family doesn’t always have your best interest at heart.

– Keep the bad thoughts about yourself to a minimal. Don’t let them live inside you.

– Think to yourself: What do I wanna remember about this moment?


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