10 Cozy Books to Read this Fall 2022

Fall is no doubt the coziest of them all. And in this time, the peek coziness is no doubt – covered in blankets, fall candles lingering and a good read in hand. Good thing this season there are some truly irresistible books coming out! I have some of the most hyped reads curated in this post, some you can buy right, some are not out yet!

Just so you can take advantage of all the ✨ fall vibes. ✨


The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

Mika Moon is one of the few remaining witches in Britain. In order to keep her identity a secret, she keeps her head down and stays away from other witches so as not to draw attention. She does a pretty good job of this, save for the silly little online account she uses to post videos of herself pretending to be a witch. It’s a harmless joke, right? Wrong. Mika receives a mysterious message asking her to come to the Nowhere House to take over the teaching of three young witches. Despite this being a bad idea and going against the rules she (mostly) followed, Mika decides to go. Once there, Mika begins to view her new charges and the other residents of Nowhere House as a family of sorts, save for the librarian, Jamie, who can’t find it in himself to trust the newcomer.


One Of Us Is Lying

On one Monday afternoon, five students at Bayview High go into detention. One of them never makes it out. The catch? The student who died, Simon, runs the school’s infamous gossip app and he was planning on releasing juicy gossip about his detention-mates the very next day. Now, the four of them are suspects in his murder. But did any of them actually do it? Or is there an unsuspected killer on the loose?


The Ex Hex

Nine years ago, Rhys Penhallow broke Vivenne’s heart, leaving her to cope like any witch would: vodka, sad music, bubble baths, and a drunken curse on her ex boyfriend. Of course, witches aren’t supposed to use their magic to hex their terrible boyfriends, but it was just a joke between friends, not a real spell. What harm could it do? As it turns out, quite a bit. When Rhys returns to Graves Glen for what should be a quick trip, everything goes horribly wrong. Rhys can’t seem to shake his bad luck, leaving Vivienne with the realization that her harmless little hex might have actually done real damage


Love in the Time of Serial Killers

PhD candidate Phoebe Walsh is obsessed with true crime—to the point where she’s writing her dissertation on it (that is, if she ever manages to finish it). Between spending the summer in Florida, cleaning out her childhood home, dealing with her obnoxious (yet good-natured) brother, and mourning her father, she doesn’t have much time to focus on her work. To make matters even more complicated, Phoebe is convinced that her new neighbor Sam is a serial killer, but he might be something even worse: a genuinely good guy she could see herself falling for.


Lucy by the Sea

Following the main character of My Name Is Lucy BartonLucy by the Sea is set in the early days of the pandemic. During lockdown, Lucy Barton leaves Manhattan for a home in small town Maine with her ex-husband and friend, William. Together they deal with the despair and hope that comes with isolation and learn the importance of human connection.


The Winners

If you’re a fan of Fredrik Backman’s Beartown or the HBO series of the same name, you’re in for a treat. The Winners is the conclusion you’ve been waiting for. The story follows Beartown’s residents who are dealing with the aftermath of the events from two years ago they would rather forget. Little do they know, big changes are coming that may just hold the answers to the questions they’ve long been asking.

Publication Date: September 27th


Mad Honey

Olivia McAfee’s perfect life in Boston is upended when she finds out her husband isn’t exactly who she thinks he is. Her and her son Asher are forced to move back to her small New Hampshire hometown. At the same time, Lily Campanello relocates with her mother to the small town to finish her last year high school. It’s not long before Lily and Asher fall in love, and when Lily turns up dead, Asher is the prime suspect. Though Olivia is sure her son is innocent, she can’t help but wonder if he inherited his father’s dark side. 

Publication Date: October 4th


It Starts With Us

Christmas will be in October this year for all of us Colleen Hoover lovers. The highly anticipated sequel to her iconic work, It Ends With Us is FINALLY here. Buckle up, grab your tissues, and get ready to hear Atlas’s side of the story.
After Lily and Ryle finally separate and Lily and Atlas become reunited after two years, Lily starts to believe time is on their side. But Ryle is against Atlas being in Lily’s and his daughter’s life and will do anything to keep them apart. 

Publication Date: October 18th


The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy

As an undertaker, there isn’t anyone in Tanria who gets under Mercy’s skin quite like the marshal Hart. The two have exasperating run-in after exasperating run-in, and after one such incident, Hart finds himself writing a letter to no one in particular. When he gets a surprise response, he finds he has a new pen pal and a friendship is born. Unfortunately, the person Hart has been sharing his deepest darkest secrets to is none other than the person he loathes most in the world: Mercy. What will happen to their budding romance when their identities are finally revealed?


Once Upon a River

On a dark night in an ancient inn on the river Thames, a miracle takes place. The inn’s regulars are whiling away the hours with stories when the door bursts open revealing a wounded stranger carrying the lifeless body of a small child. Hours later, the girl returns to life. Is it a miracle? Magic? Or is there some scientific explanation? Despite everyone putting their heads together to solve the mystery, they’re no closer to an answer when three families come forward to claim her, each with secrets of their own. Before the girl’s identity can be revealed and she can be returned home, all of these mysteries and secrets must be solved and brought to light.

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