It’s A Baby Girl! + Gender Reveal Details


I have been so anxious about finding out what baby is. I honestly had a gut feeling that she was a little baby girl, but Ashton was SO set on her being a boy he LITERALLY CONVINCED ME! lol. After all the tribulations we had to get pregnant, neither of us cared one single bit.. But it was fun to see who was right.

Now we can talk to her and read to her without calling her “little baby” but instead baby girl.

Pure Excitement <3


I did two different tests to see what she was. I did the SneakPeak Gender Reveal Blood Test. (I’ll link the one I did here) I was suuuuper skeptical about doing it, because there were sooo many different mixed reviews but it worked for me! I ordered the 48 hour test. I got the package the day after ordering, and waited for the right time to do it and got my results in 2 days! It was so easy and I did it at around 12 or 13 weeks, but you can do it as early as 7 weeks! I just know it’s super risky with male DNA. Any type of male DNA on the test what so ever can trigger the test and cause it to come back incorrectly. So I took HUGE precautions. I did exactly what the instructions said, exactly. I went to my Mother In Law’s house where there wouldn’t be any male DNA whatsoever, I cleaned the whole “station” I was at with bleach… (maybe a little much lol) I did the snap which was PAINLESS. It was crazy but so exciting. I sent it off and got my results I think 2 days later, ran to my sister’s house and let her open the results and she kept it a secret until the reveal.

I ALSO did the genetic testing at my OB at 12 weeks or so. It’s a type of medical test that identifies changes in genes, chromosomes, or proteins. The results of a genetic test can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition or help determine a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder. So of course it tests the downs syndrome and chromosome diseases. The test works by detecting tiny bits of fetal DNA floating through my bloodstream. In particular, the test looks for little fragments of a Y chromosome, which only males have. Some Y chromosome DNA in the blood sample means it’s a boy; none means it’s a girl. It’s honestly so crazy thinking that they can sort mine and her DNA.

And of course, I got it reassured at my 20 week anatomy that she was indeed a beautiful girl.


There was so many things that went wrong this day. But it was perfect. And I think that’s always how things go… And it’s good that I’m able to accept that now before she’s here. Shit happens. Roll with the punches and smile while doing it.

It was small and so sweet and I was so happy to have everyone we loved there for us and for baby girl. It was too amazing seeing everyones reactions and how happy everyone was that it was a girl! Ashton’s whole family (except his mom) wanted a girl because there is so many boys so it just makes me so proud to carry this little lady and happy she’s loved by sooo many people already.



Of course my sister couldn’t keep it a secret and ended up telling my other sister lol no biggie, I actually loved that they knew. They’re like my best friends so I loved that they both knew. They bought the confetti poppers and now it was time to plan a reveal! I had to do it about 2 weeks out due to the fact that Ashton’s dad lives about 8 hours from us so for him to be here we had to do it pretty far out. (which was SOOO HARD) Then of course we planned a day, had to reschedule for another 2 weeks due to the results taking a little longer than expected and then the day was here. Everything was going great and we bought a party tent, a decent sized one. BUT it was the windiest day ever and the tent was awful… It tore and blew away and it was devastating… lol. We tried moving it to the garage but it just wasn’t a great fit. So we moved it into the house and when it was time for the reveal we moved everyone outside, did the thang and celebrated and went back in because it was so cold!! – of course –


The theme for my reveal was, “What Will Baby Bee?” 🐝

I’ve had it planned forever and it was the cutest thing ever and so happy with how it turned out. I wanted it to be super simple and nothing too extravagant.

Baby’s breath everywhere. Simple appetizers. PB + J honey hive sandwiches. These honey stirrers.


This confetti popper was super hard to do and my MIL couldn’t do it (do not recommend these) and Ashton did it for her and accidentlly aimed it RIGHT AT ME! And my bestie Kelsey captured it and it was so cute because he had no idea and his dad really tried saving my life! lol. I literally felt the air come out of it.. Honestly so scary!!! But it’s so us and I love it.

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