June Notes・Looking Ahead + What’s Inspiring Me

A Quick Update

May was such a busy month for me, and quite honestly.. So was June. I’m not quite sure why… Could be because I got a new job and it’s a dream job but the environment there is spacey, or the fact that I’ve been having my in laws in and out for about a month while they’re between jobs and living in a town home, getting a new puppy, or being on a fasting diet, but I’ve felt like my head space has been so full lately.

I’ve been truly focused on being in the moment and being able to take care of myself and others that I’ve fell behind in life. I thought about all the things I needed to be doing; laundry, keeping up with my pets, dusting, cooking, blogging, and above all, keeping my mental happy by doing things that make me smile; but I couldn’t get myself motivated enough to do those things until I just get so behind and force myself, which leads to frustration and lack of happiness.

I thought putting my blog and instagram on the back burner would help me not compare myself to other people’s beautiful mansions, perfect bodies, comparing my followers and likes to hers, my feed to this pretty feed, and to be honest it has been great not having that jealousy in my heart and head. But, I’ve truly missed it so much! It was a way for me to feel confident and happy about creating, and I’m here to say… I THINK I’m back :)

So, let’s look into my brain and see what’s been taking space up there.

A Look Ahead

Summer has flew by. I recently drained my above ground pool and got it all clean and beautiful and it’s already July… How did that even happen? Either way, I’m excited to share a few things with you in the upcoming warmer months.


+ My go-to pool day essentials

+ DIY’s for a vintage, farmhouse feel

+ Refreshing Summer recipes for your BBQ

+ The best beach reads of the Summer

3 Things

CURRENTLY READING: Where the Crawdads Sing — I’ve first heard of this book from Bre Sheppard and wanted to get my hands on it so bad! I’ve since then seen so many people read and love it, so I can’t wait to sit by the pool, read and drink margaritas.

CURRENTLY WATCHING: Sex/Life — I’ve been watching this show for a few days, and it’s definitely not for everyone.. Pretty graphic and a little on the crazy side, but it’s so good and something I think everyone should watch. It makes you really grateful for the love that’s in your life.

CURRENTLY CRAVING: A good summer food + drink is on the list for me. I’ve been in a such a Summer vibe this year and I’ll share the recipe for both, here.


⁃ 6 cups cubed watermelon

⁃ 20 ounces pineapple chunks and juice

⁃ 1/4 cup lime juice

⁃ 1 cup white rum

⁃ 2 cups lemon lime soda refrigerated


-Blend together four cups of the watermelon and strain.

-In a large pitcher, stir together the watermlon juice, the juice from the pineapple, lime juice and white rum.

-Stir in the watermelon and pineapple. Refrigerate the pitcher for one hour. (Make sure the soda is also refrigerated at this time.)

-Add the 2 cups of soda just before serving.

Italian Pasta Salad

⁃ 12 oz. box tricolor rotini (or your desired pasta)

⁃ 16 oz. bottle Zesty Italian Dressing

⁃ 4-6 oz. package Genoa salami, quartered

⁃ 1 red bell pepper small diced

⁃ 1 green bell pepper small diced

⁃ 1 yellow bell pepper small diced

⁃ 1 cup red onions

⁃ 1 cup cherry or grape tomatoes halved

⁃ 8 oz. container mozzarella pearls (found in deli; or small-diced fresh mozzarella)

⁃ 1 cup fresh curly or flat-leaf parsley finely chopped


– Cook pasta and drain it.

– Cut up vegetables and mix together all ingredients

– Serve cold

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