Most Adorable Picnic Accessories Ever

Things I think about when I daydream about Spring: flowers, nature, song birds, cold + fresh lemonade, open windows, cleaning, and of course picnics. It almost makes me bust out into song and dance. This winter really sucked so I think I love Spring so so much more than usual this year. There’s no rhyme or reason, but I love to eat outside. No matter where, as long as the sun is shining, I’m sitting pretty and eating good food.

I’ve already had my first picnic of the year. I went solo in front of my house by this beautiful blossomed tree and it truly was a perfect moment. SO… I wanted to share what it was that I had planned that made it so magical.


First and foremost, you gotta pick a good location, luckily for me, I had this tree not even 500 ft from my house, lol. But honestly there’s so many good places to picnic. Literally in a field, (with permission) at the park with a big tree or picnic table, by the beach shore, maybe even a trail that you can hike to with a pretty mountain in the distance. All in all, you want a peaceful, pretty place with enjoyable views.


Obviously you can have a picnic without a picnic basket… but if you plan to go a couple times a year or heck, go to the beach or camping, a basket can be your best friend. Even if you didn’t want to invest in a basket, a good tote bag or cooler will suffice! Especially if it’s insulated! Of course it has to be big enough to carry all the necessary goodies… Napkins, food, wine, blankets. plate and flatware.


A good, heavy, comfy blanket is essential for a perfect picnic. You can use it of course on grass, on the beach, or even just on a picnic table. So an affordable, chic blanket is key! (Along side a wine key, a sharp knife, and reusable cutlery set)

S H A R E A B L E – S P R E A D

Shareable finger foods are key to the perfect picnic. Something convenient for everyone and for clean up. I’ve gathered up a few key recipes that require little to do and super delish!

— Charcuterie boards are the easiest, funnest and definitely the most eye-pleasing finger food to bring on a picnic! I’ve shared a “how-to” H E R E.

— The other favorite of mine for a picnic is finger food sandwiches, pressed Italian sandwiches, for a matter in fact. Sharing the recipe H E R E.

— I think pasta is always a refreshing summer food and I love a good meditarrian pasta salad. So I’m linking a good one, H E R E

Strawberry Rhubarb Mason Jar Cobblers | Inspired by Charm

— A good dessert is always a must, so this strawberry rhubarb mason jar cobbler is the most sweetest and very convenient thing to cure that sweet tooth. H E R E is the recipe.

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