March Notes・Looking Ahead + What’s Inspiring Me


I’ve decided that even though more times than not, I feel like I’m in a creative rut, I wanna still utilize my blog for a space to create and to clear my head. A lot of the times though, I go to make a blog post, think it’s non-creative or unoriginal, try fixing it, hate it, then I never end up posting. I am queen of trying to perfect something so much that I get so overwhelmed with whatever it is that I’m doing I leave it there and forget about it.

I was pretty hard on myself at the end of last year. So after the new year I decided I was going to be okay with not making everything perfect. Not responding to every text. Not beating myself up over missing a deadline (that i put on myself). Not calling myself lazy when I just don’t have the creativity or energy to work on something. 

It was one of the hardest lessons I (and I’m sure so many others) learned last year. That whether or not we realize it, we’ve been through and are going through a lot. We can change and adapt… it’s not the end of the world.

With that said, I didn’t decide that I should never blog again just because I couldn’t get my shit together the last few months; which is what I would usually do. Instead I gave myself room to pick it back up when it felt right.

I think we all need a little break sometimes. Because even though I didn’t intend to not create as much content the past few months, I think it gave my mind a little rest so that I could find my motivation and inspiration again.


I’m excited that April is almost here, I’ve loved March so much. Spring is my favorite time of the year. The weather is perfect… Rain and all. The flowers are blooming + the world gets life back. I’ve been planning lots of projects and ideas that I want to share with you that will get everyone inspired to enjoy this time of year.

Here’s a peek at what I have on the agenda:

+ Small DIYs that you can follow to spruce up your home or office

+ Inspiration in the form of decor, flowers, and inexpensive finds to treat yourself with

+ Ideas for entertaining (and by entertaining i mean mostly for yourself and whoever you live with;)

+ Recipes that scream Spring and give a “fresh” taste to food.

Right now we really need to focus on and appreciate the little things around us that bring us joy. My goal this month is to inspire you to do that with me!

3 T H I N G S

I feel like there are always a few things I’m excited about and want to share with anyone that cares (hopefully you do). So I’m going to start adding this to my monthly check-in and I’d love to hear what you’re doing that’s similar!


The Queen’s Gambit – I honestly have seen quite a few times this trailer on Netflix, I believe. I’ve never watched it, but as I was looking through my book tablet I seen the preview for it and saw that it was based in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. I live soooo close to there! So I was intrigued! I haven’t quite finished yet, but it does keep me on my toes!

Before by Anna Todd – You’ve seen the movie After on Netflix, correct? If yes, this is the 5th book in the series and if you have only watched the. movie and not read the books you are SO missing out. If no, then I highly suggest it if you like bad boys who like sensitive good girls.

(post coming soon about how i’ve started reading consistently… I’ve read so much this year!


Chicken Tortellini smothered with basil pesto and served with lots of veggies. Mediterranean style dinner packed with colorful vegetables: red and yellow grape tomatoes, asparagus, and sun-dried tomatoes.

pesto chicken tortellini with asparagus and cherry tomatoes


I am really into gardening right now! If you follow me on instagram, (FOLLOW ME HERE) you’ve seen my ‘Kitchen Herb Garden!’ It consists of cilantro, chives + basil and they are so stinking cute in my window seal. I have also opened up my greenhouse yesterday and soon my dad said he would till me up a garden so I’ve been picking out cutie little seeds to plant within the next couple of months! I’m a true beginner but I’m so ready to learn…

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