Spring Skincare Routine

Spring has finally arrived and everyone just seems so much happier now, me and hubby included. After a long, gloomy, crabby winter the warm sunshine in your face is a… and I cannot stress this enough, DREAM.

Although a lot of people, (me) change their winter skin routine to products with rich, and creamy moisturizers and eye creams, I think sometimes we tend to forget about the stage between Winter and Summer and I think a slow transition to rich moisture to lightweight moisture can help an abundance, especially sensitive skin.

If you want your skin to feel like a total dream, making a few essential skincare swaps will do the trick, or just adding products in general. This year, make your skin look and feel as good as you do while listening to Harry Styles on a bright spring day.

A glowly moisturizer

While you probably can reach for something lighter than your thicker winter moisturizers, focus on one that adds some glowiness to your skin. This is a great swap because you’ll be able to keep this in your routine through spring and summer alike.

– I use this Detoxifying Overnight Moisturizer. It’s so light and dewy and perfect for a Spring/Summer transition because it doesn’t leave a greasy film.

Try a lightweight concealer

In the spring, a good way to brighten up your skin is to switch it up and use a radiant, glowy concealer. But something light will be suffice so that you don’t end up caking under the eyes.

Add a nourishing eye cream

Eye cream keeps you moisturized, helps provide a great base for makeup, and helps you prevent age lines and wrinkles around your eyes. But in the spring, most of us forgo eye cream right when we need it most. Whether you’re dealing with seasonal allergies and eye irritation or you’re just ready for your glowiest skin yet, eye cream makes a huge difference for your skin.

Change your body skincare

With warmer weather comes more opportunities to spend time out in the sun. If you want soft, smooth, and glowy skin that feels amazing and makes you confident for every photo opp, you should focus on body scrubs and body moisturizers that work for you. In the spring, a sugar scrub helps alleviate dead skin from the winter and makes you super soft

Don’t forget your SPF

Although ideally you’d use SPF year-round no matter the weather, most of us don’t remember SPF when it’s super cold outside. In the spring, update your SPF for a lightweight product that will up the glow (or help mattify you if you’re oily).

What I’m adding to my Spring Skincare —

The Yes To brand has many new products that are so perfect for Spring! The overnight moisturizer is lightweight and acts as a nice substitute for a glowy makeup free day. They also included a daily blemish toner that has transformed my acne scars + blemishes within days!

I’ll use these all Spring + Summer Xx

— Drink more water

Our bodies use water for essential hydration, and water is a pure appetite suppressant.

— Wear sunglasses

UVA light can damage eyes, and squinting causes wrinkles. The sun’s harsh rays can cause dark circles under the eyes and attack the skin’s most delicate area around the eyes. One of the major causes of wrinkles is repetitive muscle movement, like squinting.

— Never go to bed with makeup on

Cleanse your face twice—the first cleanse removes the day and the second one actually cleans your skin. Impurities from the day can clog pores and cause breakouts. Clean skin provides the perfect surface so that night creams can be most effective.

— Exfoliate

Exfoliate to brighten your skin. Look for AHAs and BHAs, which are brightening agents that clarify and enhance skin tone and texture while working to erase discolorations and imperfections. Exfoliating helps to remove the outermost layer of skin, revealing younger and healthier skin cells.

— Invest in a facial

If you have the funds and have budgeted for it, consider investing in a facial. Facials provide an even deeper level of exfoliation than can be achieved at home. Dull, lifeless skin absorbs light instead of refracting light.


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