February Amazon Wishlist

There’s literally only a week of February… As a pisces, (who’s birthday is in 6 days 😉🥳) I have a lot of things on my wishlist. Though I can neverrrr remember come time to actually tell someone when they ask, I am now concentrating on always coming up with a list for every month of random + cute things I want.

And when I’m in a, “spending money rut,” which is when I have an itch for buying something but get overwhelmed when I sit on Amazon and really think about it… I’ll look back at these. So, why not show y’all so you can have a wishlist too?!

These pieces kind of go out of my comfort-zone but recently, I’ve realized when it comes to fashion, I always end up loving whatever the piece is and then rock the HELL out of it! So if you’re worried…. Sis… This is your wake up call! WEAR THE DAMN SHIRT + PANTS + DRESS!

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