The Perfect Pieces for a Chic New Year’s Eve

In a few short days, we will be huddled up inside our homes, (More than) Ready to ring in the New Year. And of course, just like any other holiday I’ve had this year, it looks a bit different than were all used to. But hell, WE MADE IT GUYS; and that to me, deserves a celebration— even if we are counting to one from the comfort of our couches. (Which honestly doesn’t sound too bad!!)

New Year’s Eve attire is usually a freaking dream. Made of sparkles, jewels and a whole lot of fun. But if this year has taught me anything, it’s that you can make things, even New Year’s, special just for yourself. Even if the only thing seeing you is that bottle of champagne, you deserve to have a night in and feel lifted and look damn good at your at-home New Year’s celebration.

Break out your favorite jewelry, throw on something one step up from your go-to sweats and try one (or five) pieces out to say goodbye to 2020—good riddance!

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