Jewelry with Memories

Hello Friends! I’m so excited to be able to share with you this amazing piece of jewelry that I am so in love with. Some memories are so precious, that keeping them around your neck inside a cute little piece of jewelry is the best place for them. That’s when Mementum comes along.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with an amazing company that made an amazing thing. A necklace. Not just any normal necklace. A necklace with an app, with a QR code inside the piece of jewelry in which you can scan it and see the photos you’ve uploaded to the app. It’s an incredible piece of technology perfect for those away in the army, long distant relationships, maybe even a proposal? Either way, it’s so special.





This little necklace is the coolest thing.

I linked it here for you.

It’s a modern day heart locket.

So dainty and cute these necklaces are honestly the best necklaces for anyone who doesn’t usually like to wear one. They also make rings which are equally beautiful and they also are super comfy.

Here’s How It works

First you have to download the Mementum app. It’s compatible via apple and android.

Next you take the piece of jewelry you have, there’s a piece of glass inside which holds the picture of the QR code. Hold that glass until you see the code and let the phone’s camera scan it. It’ll bring all the pictures that you uploaded to the app.

Upload up to 50 images. of Whatever you want! Encouraging quotes, wedding day photos, random couple photos. No matter what, if it’s a special gift to someone… you know they’ll love it.


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