Tips For Painting A Room

  img_3427 Hello friends!! Does this quarantine have you wanting to redo your house like it does me?! 🤣 Bless my poor hubby’s heart… All I’ve done is remodel my house since 2020 has started! Basically because we just moved in a year ago last month and was waiting for ideas to come to me naturally. One project I KNEW I had was to paint our bedroom. I’ll show some before and afters later so you’ll understand…
Sooo, today I wanted to share with you the best tips and tricks that I have learned when painting a room in your house!


T I P S & T R I C K S

P R E P :

DROP CLOTH – I didn’t use a drop cloth because I’m redoing the carpet next week and I thought, eh whateves. So I did the best I could but paint WILL splatter no matter how hard you try, off the brush. BUT if you do care about your floor you can get plastic OR cloth both are great! • USE RING LIGHT – If you paint, and have awful lighting when you, for example, use a paint that’s light and the bottom is white.. it‘s hard to tell when you missed a spot. Good lighting will help that.
• PULL OUTLET COVERS – This is a no-brainer but people don’t always do it. It’s so easy to unscrew that one screw and take those off rather than taping around it and then everything under the outlet is the previous color. Just DO IT! • ADD FLOETROL – if you hate those brush marks, add this to your paint! It’s a latex paint conditioner that slows drying and smoothes the finish, often leaving it mark-free. • FILL IN HOLES – Obviously, right?! But I wanted to share with you the stuff we used because we did have a hole. This is the spackle. Use a putty knife, mesh joint tape, and then smooth it all out with drywall sand paper. • CLEAN WALLS – Cleaning your walls is an essential thing before painting smoothly. An easy way to do it is use your SWIFFER! So easy and avoid the ladder. Here’s a natural way to clean them!

– Stir 1 teaspoon of liquid dish detergent into a quart of warm water. – Add 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar. – Let the solution sit on the stain for 10 minutes before blotting.

• TAPE OFF – When using tape, (I use this) the easiest way to apply it is with a putty knife! Glide it along the tapes edge and it won’t bleed through for sure!

P A I N T I N G T I M E :

• FIND YOUR ROLLER – Did you, (I didn’t) know that there are SO many types of rollers? You have to find the right type for the paint you’re using.

-Natural fiber roller covers made of materials such as lamb’s wool or mohair are ideal for oil-based paints and painting on any surface texture.

-Synthetic fabric covers made of materials such as nylon or polyester resist matting, making them effective with water-based latex paints and suitable for any surface texture.

Foam roller covers work well with oil or high-gloss latex paints, particularly on porous surfaces such as bare wood. They may not last as long as other types of rollers.

– Roller covers made of versatile blends such as natural wool and polyester are effective for multiple uses and different kinds of paint.

• USE A PAINT N’ ROLL – This is a handy tool that literally clips onto the edge of the paint can and it feeds paint through the handle to the roller and you don’t have to drip paint and refill your roller!
• USE AN EDGER – I got this when at Lowe’s for the heck of it, but I’m so glad I did! I think it saved me a lot of time! You dip it in paint and it literally lets you do a straight line all along the walls! I did go back after and fix the brush marks with a roller so it’ll have the same texture. • WORK PLATFORM – A stool + ladder is great for unreachable heights, but a work platform is the beat option! You can actually walk a little instead of moving the ladder so much!

A F T E R W A R D S :

• REMOVE W/ SOAP + WATER – Magic Erasers will strip paint off walls. I learned this lesson the hard way. When cleaning painted walls soap and white wash cloths seems to be the best choice.

T H A T ‘ S  I T  F O L K S !

Now I’m gonna share some of my room that I did this week!

B E F O R E  &  A F T E R


Paint Before | Paint After

This was a before and after of my bedroom walls 🥵 I’m not sharing the whole room because I plan on doing a mini reveal later ;) That wall was atrocious.. It was bright blue with wallpaper half way down the walls, so we removed the wallpaper. (got about 7 cuts in my thumbs from the putty knife) Which took about 2 or 3 hours and honestly sucked so bad… But it wasn’t atrocious to paint, y’all!! I’m telling you it took us about 4 to 5 hours for one coat, that includes prep time, putting the tape on (which is a job and) and painting (plus about 20 breaks..) The paint I got had primer in it and it was incredible and saved so much time! I got the eggshell, signature paint! I did two coats for the simple fact that when I painted and repainted, it started removing the white and you could see blue underneath.

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