Things You Need To Buy on Amazon: Vol 1


I’m a true amazon believer. I buy a lot of things on there that I could easily buy anywhere in the world : ) Like socks? My husband and I have ordered socks from amazon.. Or like keys? Like whaat?! Serioulsy though I have seen some GOOOOD stuff from amazon and I’m thinking I might make this a little series because amazon is ALWAYS killing it!

Retro Blue Light Round Sunglasses – $11.99

Blue light glasses are like the newest thing now! For someone who is an influencer, always on the computer and phone.. These help protect my eyes to improve sleeping and help with you sleep better, anti-digital eye fatigue which is a common thing and it helps with headaches!! Which is incredibly helpful! You can also use them while watching tv or on video games. Also these frames are so retro and so cute!

 Pearl Hair Clips – $6.99

I ordered these clips a while ago and they are the CUTEST things ever! I love the simplicity of them and I love how much you can do with these! Also, what an incredible price for 12!! I actually shared a blog post recently where I showed ways to style these cuties or any hair clips! Linked it here!!




Slim Silicone Phone Case$9.99

I have a rose gold iPhone XS Max and it’s sooo pretty! But I hate not having anything on my phone because I’m a huge klutz and will drop it, and I know a slim silicone case won’t save my phone from cracking, per se… But, it’s something and will at least help it not chip my phone!




Glowy Facial Massage Globes $32

These little things are magical. Throw away the jade rollers and say hello to Massage Globes! These guys are the perfect thing for relief sensitive, aching skin, pain after extraction or laser treatment. You can also use them hot for when you’re feeling ill by  running it under hot water! It’s made with quartz material and micro beads to retain a nice temperature!


Magnetic Privacy Screen Filter – $29.74

I love to bring my laptop and blog while in a coffee shop and enjoy the vibes. But, I don’t like letting everyone see my business, which is where this magnetic screen filter comes in! It’s perfect for those who have to work on flights.. It also helps with the harsh effect of the blue light and protects from scratches and dust just by connecting magnetically!

Non-Bendable Hair Clips – $4.99 

This is going to change the way you do your hair! Use these bad boys to pull your hair back when you do your makeup or hair in the mornings without leaving a God awful crease in your hair and are actually pretty stylish too!




Image result for Silver Jeans Co. Women's Ode to 80's High Rise SkinnyWomen’s High Rise Skinny Jeans – $78.95 – $95.85

These are my all time favorite jeans so far!! Seriously I cannot get enough. They actually kind of remind me of those retro mom jeans. Because of the slight fade and the pockets, I think. And they are high rise! And I thought the “yoke” (which I learned that’s what the second lined seam is) would be annoying or ugly but it’s not, and they’re so comfortable!!


All Along You Were Blooming Book – $15.29

If you have not found Morgan Harper Nichols on instagram…. You are so missing out. (Linking it here) She is an incredible instagrammed, truly. Who has found this way of utilizing her social media account for good. Instead of having a comparison contest. She’s a writer and an artist who showcases her motivating and inspiring talents through squares of instagram. Her book focuses on inspiring others through self-love with poetry and drawings. 10/10!!


8 Piece Pearl Headbands – $24.99

These headbands are taking over the Internet! They are absolutely adorable, I love the little pearls. They come in so many different various colors, and only for $25!! It’s incredibly cheap for 8. Thats like $3 a piece. Also, this velvet is so soft and I love these headbands cute for your hair, but sooo cute on your vanity! These headband holders are so awesome and perfect for these!

Gucci AirPods Case – $16.99

This thing is the cutest ever! If you have AirPods this case is perfect for you. It’s so easy to travel with and it’s great for going to the gym, hook it to your backpack so you don’t lose it. It’s 100% compatible with your AirPods and it also is precise with the cutouts.



Image result for Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home


Cozy White Cottage Book – $13.49

For someone who absolutely loves home decor, I absolutely love Liz Marie! She’s an goddess with coziness and she’s the queen of farmhouse. So of course I asked for this book from my hubby and I love it so much! Gimme all the chippy paint and shiplap and vintage! This book gives you 100 tips on how to make your home cozy even if you don’t like farmhouse.



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