My Fav Beauty Products for November


Tis The Season For New Beauty Products

It’s finally almost December and I couldn’t be happier. Time for eating lots of food and not shaving our legs, ladies 😎 HAHA. In all and complete honesty, I’m excited to share with you a few things that I’ve really been loving this past month and I really think you’re gonna like them. Not all are makeup, but I do have some good finds.

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Dry Shampoo

Dove Invisible Dry Shampoo

I have two favorites when it comes to dry shampoo, this happens to be one of them! I have tried multiple Dove Dry Shampoos, and this one seems to work the best for me. It’s invisible and it actually works!

It’s smell isn’t super over-powering like most and it’s super reasonably priced. + It also gives volume!

S H O P  H E R E

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It Cosmetics Full Coverage Cream

I have always used Tarte Cosmetics Concealer, lived by it! But now, I tried this It Cosmetics concealer and have loved it ever since! It actually covers redness and pimples and I’ll never use another.

The only complaint that I have is it doesn’t brighten that well. But, that’s fine by me because I use a drugstore brand for that.

S H O P  H E R E

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This is my favorite foundation ever! I just recently tried this, I got it from Influenster and I have not had one complaint.

I will say it is a little pricey but it lasts all day long and it is a medium to full coverage!

S H O P  H E R E


Camelina + Strobe – Luminizing Primer

 This is a primer that I got early this month just to try and it is SOOO pretty. I put it under my foundation sometimes for a little glow and I actually double it as a highlighter!

It’s very subtle but definitely is worth the time to put it on!

S H O P  H E R E


Highlighting Powder – Not Your Basic Witch

 I got this highlighter from my VoxBox from Influenster and I think it’s the cutest highlighter! It’s black, which isn’t usually something I go for, but it makes such a perfect eyeshadow!

It’s very affordable, and it’s new!

S H O P  H E R E

Dry Shampoo

Equate Original Dry Shampoo

This is another dry shampoo that I use that I throughly enjoy to use. I bought it solely on the fact that it was cheap. I literally wanted to try it because it was cheap and loved it!

It smells absolutely wonderful and it makes your hair look good and not so crusty! It adds volume and is so cheap!

S H O P  H E R E