Squad Ghouls Voxbox

Halloween is almost here and so is the time for another VoxBox from Influenster! 👻 I love getting these holiday-themed boxes, because the goodies inside of them rock! Im happy to share with you this box’s beauty products!

Robe – $17.46

This highlighter is absolutely adorable. It’s a limited edition one that Wet N Wild came out with and I must say, if I didn’t receive this in the box I would’ve never thought to buy it for myself but I’m glad I got it!

Because all though I think it’s cute packaging, as far as a highlighter, it doesn’t work for me. I just don’t think black is my color in terms of a highlighter! But don’t get me wrong.. I’m FOR SURE using it for my next cat eye makeup.

I love taking daily vitamins, I think it’s always a great supplement when you run low. I take magnesium pills, ( for my heart) biotin (for my hair + nails) and try to get my vitamin C in all the time!

But these Wellness Supplements from Source Naturals are completely different. They are loaded with powerful herbs and antioxidants to help your immune system when under physical stress.

I will claim that I haven’t taken these long, so I haven’t noticed a huge difference. But I will say I do realize a change in my mood because it gives me energy.. But like in a healthy way! No jittery feeling or sleepiness.

I’m a firm believer in carrying chapstick around me 24/7 because I tend to lick my lips.. Which leads to chapped lips.. So this was honestly my favorite thing in the box! A NEW BESTIE! lol. This strawberry lip balm smells phenomenal!! I love it and keep licking my lips constantly.. haha.

I love EOS. I have since they first came out! (My very first one was in a mint blue “tube” and it was vanilla 🤣)

Overall, I think this was a good voxbox! I’m pleased and definitely will buy some things again.

Thanks again, Influenster!!! XOXO

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