Throwing A Dog A Birthday Party






1. Dog Friendly Cake

There are so many options of cake that you can use to let your puppy devour! I was lucky and found her a cake that had no ingredients that were harmful to her, but on Pinterest there are so many options!

  IMG_0564     Image result for Pooch Cake Peanut Butter Flavor Birthday Cake Mix for Dogs Includes Frosting Mix, Wheat Free, 9 oz Box


2. Photoshoot Wall

This is pretty much a necessity in all birthdays ever… Doggos are no exception. I think for me I always like to do a simple tassel banner, (boy + girl) maybe a gold ballon, a catchy banner or even a full-on backdrop! The possibilities are endless.

  Tassels Party Banner - Spritz™ - image 2 of 2 34in Gold Number Balloon (0) Image #1 image 0  FREE printable doggy party photo booth backdrop! Modern French Bulldog and Friends dog birthday party by Karas Party Ideas | with FREE PRINTABLE PLACE CARDS, TAGS, BACKDROP, SIGNS AND MORE!


3. Plan a Trip

One of the best things you can do for your dog is let them outside and roam free on their birthday! Like taking your kid to a trampoline park or to an amusement park, taking your pup to the local park, a dog friendly beach or even a doggy daycare where they can play with other puppies is always a good idea!

Image result for dog park Image result for dog beach Image result for dog daycare


4. Presents!!

Of course you can’t throw a birthday party without presents!? My dog is pretty much a crazy lunatic and can’t chew normal stuffed animal dogs or anything of the sorts.. So we only get her toys that will last her a while, like deer antlers. But, there are so many bundles out there that are so cute!

Image result for deer antler toys  Image result for Otterly Pets Assorted Small to Medium Rope Dog Toys, 4 count  Image result for Multipet Musical Birthday Cake Plush Dog Toy  Image result for Trixie Activity Flip Board Interactive Dog Toy, Black


5. Doggy Attire

Let your dog play the part! If it’s their birthday, they deserve to wear a sweet, maybe even funny, little uniform that let’s all their friends and family know it’s a day to celebrate the cutie!!

You & Me Birthday Boy T-Shirt for Dogs KEVIN-KW Dog Birthday Boy Bandana Scarfs-Crown Dog Birthday Hat with 0-9 Figures Charms Grooming Accessories Pack of 1 and Happy Birthday Award Badge (Blue, boy) 

There you have it, the best way to celebrate your doggy child’s birthday. What do you do for your dogs bday? Let me know!


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