Items I always Pack Carry-On

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When I travel, I always think strategic. There’s a lot of planning involved and it always ends up the same way…. I overpack. It’s honestly one of my many traits as a woman. But I simplified it all down for the sake of traveling again into a blog post about all things I carry travel!

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Gingham Dress – $34.99 | Quilted Purse – $29.99 | Espadrille Shoes – $32.99 | Gold Watch – $19.99 | White Fan Earrings – $16 | Bangle Set – $64.99 | Gold Chain Hat – $23.99 | Blue Sunglasses – $12.99 | Tiffany Sunglasses – $202

I sit here typing this at the airport in Dallas! But as I sit here, I wanted to share a little about the few things I always make sure to carry in my carry-on. To have those items close by and right at hand, in my Louis Vuitton Never-full bag.


Women's Short Ruffle Sleeve Boat Neck Tie Waist Shift Dress - Who What Wear™ - image 1 of 3 Related imageQuilted Flap Lock Crossbody Bag - A New Day™ - image 1 of 4 Image result for 100% Wool Panama Hat For Women Autumn Winter Jazz Fedora bowler Hats With Gold Chain Solid Color Chapeau Vintage FemmeWomen's Happy Espadrille Wedge - Universal Thread™ - image 1 of 3 Women's Glitz Dial Bracelet Watch - A New Day™ Rose Gold - image 1 of 1 Image result for Tiffany & Co TF4089B 81343B  

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1. Cardigan – $19.99 | 2. Sleep Mask – $50 | 3. MAC Lip Gloss – $17.50 | 4. Fuji Film Camera – $44.99 | 5. Under Eye Mask – $8 | 6. Herban Essentials Towelettes – $16 | 7. Oil absorbing sheets – $5.19 | 8. BlueTooth Headphones – $40.99 | 9. B&BW Hand Sanitizers – $6 | 10. Travel Tooth Brush Set – $10.99 | 11. Apple Power Bank – $21.99 | 12. Hydro Boost Moisturizer – $9.99 | 13. Duo Mat Powder Foundation – $34 | 14. iPhone Charger – $10.95 & MacBook Charger – $34.90 |15. Marigolds and Murser Book – FREE | 16. Cliff Energy Bars – $5.99 | 17. Emergency BreakOut Fix – $20.50

  1. This cardigan is pretty sick! Very oversized but formal it’s so so comfy and cozy. Perfect for the plane ride.
  2. When I sleep on a plane, people look out of the window, totally understandable. But, it’s a little irritating because I can’t sleep when the sun is beaming in my face…. So this sleep mask is perfect and good for your skin.. Here’s a similar if you don’t like the $$$ 
  3. My polaroid camera goes everywhere with me. Perfect for airplane pics and when you land! You get the picture right then and there so it’s perfect!
  4. Okay.. This may not be for everyone, but for me…. I’m a super jerk freak when it comes to like grocery shopping and bathrooms. So I always bring towelettes.
  5. Power banks are always a good idea! Especially if you forgot to charge your phone at the airport and you’re in the air!
  6. A book is always a good idea! This book is interesting and I found it while looking at the free section on Barnes and Noble.
  7. Of course when you travel your acne goes haywire, so I aways bring an emergency acne spot treatment so that I can make those stubborn things go away!

What do you always pack in your carry-on that I should try?





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