Planning A Nashville Bachelorette Party


Today is an exciting post, y’all!!! I went on my bachelorette party the beginning of March, (right after my 21st birthday) and I’m telling you… It was sooo incredibly fun! 🥂💐💗🤩

Neither I, nor my girls have ever been to Nashville. So going into this trip we really had to look stuff up and figure how to squeeze a whole city into a short weekend. And I’ll have to say, there is just not enough time in the day to experience this wondrous place.

But nonetheless, I wanted to share every detail about my trip and hopefully help some other Bride-To-Be on their trip to Tennessee!

100% I definitely recommend staying at an Air BNB! I personally will always stay in one over a hotel just for the simple fact that you can have your own privacy, more room and you can be yourselves and loud for when you roll in home at 3 in the morning a little tipsy and you’re craving those snacks you brought…… lol

There’s PLENTY of places to stay in Nashville, but the closer you get to downtown obviously the more money it’s gonna be. But the more people you have stay with you, the cheaper it will be to divide it! There are some REALLY, REALLY nice places though, so if you don’t really have a low budget, GO FOR IT!!

This is the place that we stayed at. I highly recommend this place! It was about 30 minutes outside of Nashville though. (definitely felt like 10) It’s a really good price and it was incredibly cool! Like seriously the guy said it was supposed to be a “guys sanctuary,” but bachelorette parties usually book that place! Ugh, I cant say enough good words about it.

There are plentyyyyy of things to see when in Music City, but to name a few…

The amount of places you could go to eat are like, endless… But, when in Nashville you gotta cut it short and go to special places! Here’s some special ones…


A few other things to share before you take a trip to Nashville….

Image result for jean jacket gap  image 0  Bonnie's Big Bells - Black Bell Bottom Jeans    Corral Womens Glitter Inlay and Crystal Snip Toe Wedding Boots Cream

Image result for foil door fringe transparent image 0 Ginger Ray Giant Diamond Ring Balloon Image #1 image 0  Ginger Ray White And Gold Foiled Bride To Be Sash I Do Crew - image 2 of 2

Wearing heels may seem very cute, but if you’re walking broadway, FIND ANOTHER WAY. Boots or sandals. You’ll thank me later. Here’s other options…

Related image   Steve Madden Gills Natural Snake Slip-On Sneakers   GENTLE SOULS SIGNATURE Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Colleen Espadrille Wedge, Main, color, MARIGOLD SUEDE  Taylor Navy Satin Ankle Strap Heels zoomed image

If you’re walking through broadway and YOU are a bride, you have GOT to get a Bride-To-Be sash, headband or some sort of Bride-To-Be piece! Everyone will say congrats and it made me smile every single time. Even if you don’t go to Nashville, get something. I’m telling you, people love it! You may even get free drinks or a paid for honeymoon 😉

Bride-to-Be Sash Image #1  image 4  DcZeRong Bridal Shower Tiara Crown Bride To Be Bachelorette Party Crown Wedding Shower Tiara Crowns  image 0  image 0

 Either way, I hope you plan your trip to good ole Tennessee and have a blast with your ladies and make memories you’ll never forget! XOXO 


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