Skin Care Products I’ve Been Loving

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Skin care is a huge thing for me. Since I was in elementary school, I’ve always struggled with acne and my face in general. If it wasn’t pimples, it was dry spots. So I’m always trying new products to help with the problems… A lot of fails and a lot of successes.

So far in 2019 I’ve tried a handful of products and these are are a few that have successfully helped my skin, and I can honestly say my skin has never been better.

 I also wanted to share that I didn’t get paid to make these statements. Opinions are all my own and I found these products myself and have been using them and I genuinely love all these products.


One thing that always has a factor with your skin is your makeup and how you remove it. I’ve tried a lot of makeup removers and I usually use these wipes, but lately I wanted to use a foaming cleanser and that’s when I was introduced to this product.

I SWEAR by this cleanser. It literally removes your makeup in minutes, doesn’t leave a residue (which was huge for me) and leaves your skin so soft and clean. I feel as though it’s also been a great deal of why my skin is as clear as it is now! It cleans so good it removes all that dirty stuff and stops breakouts before they happen!


Next is something that I haven’t been using for a long time buuuut, I do like this product! I’m going to Nashville next week and instead of getting a spray tan or going to the tanning bed, I decided to find a self tanner, and this DOUBLES as a moisturizer!!

Once I take a shower, I use it everyday until I shower again and then repeat the process. I will say it doesn’t make you have a magical glowing tan, but it does give you a great tint! And it’s literally one of the best moisturizers I’ve owned, hands down! I haven’t had any problems with dry patches since and I love that it’s a 2 in 1.


This is one item that is a total splurge for me. I hate spending the money on this one, but it’s sooooo good! I highly recommend this one for anyone with sensitive skin. It’s a mild cleanser, so exfoliating enough but still leaves your skin soothed.

Like any other face wash when I first used it, it broke me out at first, but I continued to use it and my skin was as clear as water, sis. It’s perfect for my skin and the really cool thing about this face wash is it’s medical so it’s a good doctor recommended foaming gel.


This is a tool I got the other day (lol tool) and I’ve loved it ever since! It’s an awesome little electronic face brush that is so exfoliating!

I love the brushes that come with this. I use these two attachments pictured, mostly. One for cleansing, I put my face wash directly on it and scrub my face and watch my makeup fly off EASILY. The other one is to rub in moisturizer, which works good if you don’t wanna make your face extra oily. Overall, it’s a cheap little brush and it makes cleaning your face sooo easy.


I got this serum from a PR box a while ago and I really must say, this is the most expensive thing I use on my face. But it is so good!

This serum is one that I use after I clean my face and it’s a miracle worker. It’s an age refining serum that helps with wrinkles and I use this for exactly that. To prevent and help with wrinkles, before I get older and cant. This product is one that you really gotta use everyday for a while but it does so good. It is however a splurge, but it goes such a long way!! 2-4 drops a time and you’re good to go!


I got this in an Influenster package a long time ago and I bought another one because it was that good. This is an age defying serum and one of the best that I had used to help with overall texture of my skin.

I use this, not a lot… Usually in the summer time and when I see that my face is getting dry and it helps me with texture and dry spots. But it’s used also as an aging serum! I like this but I wouldn’t say its a moisturizer, I just think it works well with my skin because of dryness. So I recommend for anyone who has dry skin, 1000%.


Some people think a toner isn’t necessary to buy or use and to that I would say, INCORRECT. This is a facial toner which obviously, like any other toner, refines pores, helps with redness and dryness, and balancing your pH levels. And this is another medical product, so doctor approved.

I think to really have good skin you have to get lower than the acne on top of your skin. Get down into your pH levels and prepare those cells to receive active ingredients. I found this product when I noticed my face would get really oily and that ultimately leads to breakouts.. So I found this toner and I loved it! Refreshing, but helped with excessive oils. It’s great because it doesn’t have alcohol so it doesn’t leave your skin itchy and flaky! I love this and desperately need to buy another.


LOL SO RANDOM…. This isn’t a skin care item, but I got this lip gloss the other day for my birthday coming up from Ulta, and I’ve been loving it and I had to share with you.

I got this shade, French Maid, and I can tell you this is one of the best lip glosses I’ve had in a long time! It’s pigmented, smells really good, doesn’t transfer and its a pretty moisturizing gloss.. So I had to share. Random but a love.

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