Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him


Sweater – $15 | Jeans – $29.99 | Booties – $39.97 | Bracelet – $95


1. YETI SideKick Dry – $49.98 | 2. Shower Speaker – $9.78 | 3. Jord Wooden Watch – $139 | 4. Dark wood PlayStation Sticker – $6.99 | 5. Tru Wood Sunglasses – $49 | 6. Teskey’s Hat – $19.99 | 7. Cigar Box Set – $59.99 | 8. Globe Whiskey Decanter – $50.95 | 9. All in 1 Fluid – $13.99 | 10. Cuddle Monster Boxers – $8.99 | 11. Love Books – $7.99 | 12. Fondue Set – $19.99 | 13. Bull Catchall – $36.99 | 14. Stub Ticket Diary – $11.65 | 15. Tabasco Spicy Chocolate – $5.44 | 16. Camera Strap – $25

1. Ashton LOVES this pouch. He uses this when we go fishing or kayaking!

2. This shower speaker is legit. I listen to music all the time in the shower and same with Ashton! This waterproof speaker sticks to the walls.

3. JORD watches are so classy and beautiful, no more words.

4. Ashton’s playstation could totally use an upgrade and this sticker is so gorgeous.

5. These sunglasses are the perfect touch of classy and masculine. Love the wood grain!

6. If I counted all of Ashton’s hats…. Ugh he has so many and this one is one he would LOVE!

7. Ashton doesn’t love cigars but A few people who would adorrrree this gift box set.

8. HOW COOL IS THIS DECANTER. lol, it makes me want to start drinking whiskey! How cute would it be on a bar cart?!

9. This is a legit fluid! It’s a skin-lightening and wrinkle care, giving vitality and elasticity.

10. Every single year I give Ashton a pair of boxers for Valentine’s Day and these say cuddle monster! How cute?!

11. These are cute books. I have Ashton keep a few on his bedside table and these are the cutest ever.

12. Fonduuuueeee.. UGH! I would love to be given this! How cute would it be on a summer night to make s’mores outside… THIS is a date night, y’all.

13. A catchall is the simplest decor ever. And this catchall is a bull (Ashton Stans) and it’s so masculine!

14. This is such a sweet little thing. A ticket stub diary? Hello.. Where were you years ago when Ashton and I started dating?!

15. I saw these and how cool! Chocolates that are spicy!? Ashy loves spice and I love chocolate so these were a win-win.

16. And of course lastly, for the guy in your life that is your instagram hubby 😉 or just loves his camera. Such a slick, clean piece!

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