Ideas for Staying in on Valentine’s Day

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Robe – $54.50 | Face Mask – $34 | Faux Plant – $39.99

First of all, Happy February 1st! 💋

Hence it being the beginning of my my BIRTH month, (whoop-whoop) I looove February. I love Valentine’s day. Everything about it. Love itself, chocolate, giving genuine gifts to your friends and boo, flowers, balloons. I’m a fan of V-day, y’all.

Even though I love going out for date night, I don’t always feel like it.. So on days like Valentine’s day, it’s always a hit or miss of what I feel like doing. So when it comes to not wanting to interact at a restaurant, ya gotta think of a back of plan.

So if you don’t wanna go out for Valentines day, stay in girl!! There’s so many ways to celebrate the day of love if you don’t wanna get out with your boo or if you’re just single. And so, I got you 😉


The most expected thing to do when you wanna stay home on Valentine’s day is to stay home and treat yo’ self. Seriously though, even if you do have a spouse I think a spa day would be good with or without company.

There are so many ways to do spa day! Drink some infused water, do a face mask, or even DIY a face mask, Take a bath using DIY bath bombs, or even a DIY body scrub. Do a hair mask, give yourself a mani, pedi. And of course, if all else fails, get in a bubble bath, put some flowers in there, grab a good book and drink you some wine and reelax!!


Sitting homes and eating and watching movies sounds so cliché, but that’s exactly what I would do if I was alone. There are tons of ways to have an awesome movie night for one.

You could build a cute fort on your bed or in your living room, with a ton of blankets and set up a way to get your tv in there with some cute fairy lights and pig out. There’s also just casual movie night and sit on the couch cuddle up with a cuddl dud throw, make some awesome s’mores dip, turn on some Valentine’s Day movies and either cry or laugh.


Even if you’re alone for Valentine’s Day, if you have a pupper in your mist, then you’re never REALLY alone. When it comes to spoiling your spouse, that can be fun or whatever… But spoiling your dog is like, the BEST feeling in the world.

Of course you could cuddle up with your doggo and sleep. all. day. long. But, you could also make your dog some amazingly simple doggie treats. Which is basically a smoothie for dogs. Then take a trip to your local Pet Smart and buy them these CUTE dog treats or toys! Or even DIY a bandana! And of course, HAVE A PHOTO SHOOT!


So if you cant celebrate with a bae, celebrate with friends! Have a mini Galentine’s Day or even throw a co-ed singles dinner party! Anyone who’s single deserves to celebrate Valentines regardless of their relationship status. And who better to celebrate with other than your bffs?!

I think this setup is actually so divine and elegant. But, if you would like to go more fun, I like this cute and fun setup too! I think having finger food like this snack board would be a perfect little appetizer for everyone. Having chicken alfredo would be a great main dish, what’s more romantic than Italian pasta? Also this valentines day adult drink is perfect to lighten the party and looks SOO good! (Here’s a non-alcoholic drink)


If you’ve ever heard of a paint party, you’ll know these can be sooo fun and exciting! If you’re by yourself, I say you can still have a blast doing this this. Painting is one of my favorite hobbies and I paint ALL the time when I’m alone.

Buy some canvases and paint, and get inspired by all the beautiful paintings on Pinterest. I think this is a good place to start if you’re in an artist block. I think if you have a paint party for one, I would get some wine, turn up some peaceful art music  dance around, drink some wine, eat some good chocolate and JUST HAVE FUN! You’re thriving!!! lol.

Either way you spend your Valentines Day, I think regardless… You should act like it’s any other day. Treat your lover like everyday is Valentines Day or be single and happy because you’re free to do as you please. This holiday, even though I LOVE it, is overrated. It’s just another day for companies to make money through people… So don’t take it too serious and just have fun!

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