New Trends I’m Trying in 2019


Okay… Raise your hand if your wardrobe needs a much needed update for 2019?! 🙋🏽‍♀️ I know I could use a major pep in my step when it comes to trends. There’s always something new coming along and I always try my best to try them for myself and see what they’re all about.

So here a few trends I intend on trying in the new year!


Belts are obviously not a trend.. necessarily. But, designer belts are so trendy and are changing all the time!  I got a great dupe for the Gucci belt and I looove wearing it with any type of jeans I have! But these belts go beyond jeans, wear them with a dress or around your waist and it’s truly a statement piece!


  Image result for Women Leather Belts Ladies Vintage Western Design Black Waist Belt for Pants Jeans Dresses  1539219609371538073_thumbnail_800x.webp  image 0  Image result for AK Anne Klein 25mm Reversible Smooth To Smooth Belt



Blazers are something that I’ve been wanting to try FOREVER. I just never jumped the gun and honestly didn’t know how to style them or even when to wear them. But truthfully they are so easy to wear and are such a cute piece instead of wearing a jacket! I cant wait to try wearing these!


product  Image of Lush Novak Crepe Blazer  Bauman Camel Corduroy Belted Blazer    Image result for Linen Single-Breasted Blazer forever 21 rose



This is one that scares me a lot… Lol. I don’t know what it is about animal print but I feel like it kinda just makes a huge statement and I’m not usually about that, but I wanna start changing that! Leopard print and cheetah print are sooo in right now and there are so many ways to incorporate animal print, from boots to clutches.


MAIN  "Ole Jungle Jezebel" Leopard Print Trench Coat      Sparta Bootie,                         Main,                         color, BROWN CALF HAIR  product



OH MY GOSH YES!! I can honestly say, this is one trend I’m so beeeyonnddd trying in 2019. I have loved bell bottoms since the first time I knew they were a thing and NOW they make the absolute cutest pairs and I love them all. I feel like they’re so easy to dress up or down, even just casually wear them to do errands, seriously so excited for this!


Flare Knit Pants  Slide View 1: Just Float On Flare Jeans  Product image  Slide View 2: Just Float On Flare Jeans    Slide View 2: Just Float On Printed Flare Jeans



Whether you wear a scarf on your neck, in your hair or on your purse, bandana scarves are for sure a great accessory for 2019. They are slowly becoming a world wide trend that people are getting on board with. It’s such an easy piece to work with and I’m so excited to try them!


  product    Keela Navy Blue Paisley Bandana  Image result for bandana scarf red

I hope y’all enjoyed this blog post! I’m so excited to try all these new fashion statements and I’ll share with you each one when I do! 😘

Which is your favorite!?

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