Date Box Review


Thhhhiiiis is a fun, but long post, y’all. ♥︎

Have you heard of Datebox? Of course you have it’s only the cutest subscription ever. But, if you haven’t.. I will introduce you. This is NOT sponsored.. lol. All opinions are mine and I genuinely wanna show you how cute this subscription is and how you can spice up your relationship!

Datebox is a monthly subscription that you subscribe to, personalize your dates based on what you and your spouse like, and around the 15th of every month, your date comes in a box completely unexpected and a NEW surprise every single time!

The pricing for Datebox for the most part is pretty inexpensive! You can do ONLINE ONLY dates for $7.99 a month, they’ll send you a PDF of what to do. Just a one month try is $39.99, three months $36.99, and six months for $32.99!

Okay let’s get into the dates!! I’m gonna show you our Datebox for January, December, November and October!



10753131024_img_1130 3






This is MY FAVORITE BOX! 😍💗 I literally loved the theme, I loved everything about the packaging. I love the mugs, it was sooo adorable.







I’m not gonna lie. I was kind of scared because I literally never had gluten free donuts.. Let alone eat gluten free donuts and that’s what these were. But, these were so good! We didn’t feel like making the glaze they provided but we did add sprinkles, caramel and pretzels and it was amazing!!





Some of these games were a little hard and a little too long to play, so we played 3. We played one game where you take a drink of water, (hence the cup of water) and you had to try not to laugh and it WAS HILARIOUS. (See the video on my Instagram story highlight “me + ashy.”)





This month’s box will literally get you in ALL the feels. It was so cute and literally was like Christmas threw up!



This game was adorable!!! We loved it! The goal is to draw a card and use the notepad and draw whatever the card says on your forehead and the opponent has to guess what you drew… When your drawing is so ugly. Lol. Whoever wins gets the Oreos!





It wouldn’t be a Christmas box if they didn’t add gingerbread men!! This of course was so fun, Ashton loved the fact that he got to decorate his own because whenever we do a gingerbread house, I’m always the one doing the icing. But he did so good!


This had to be our favorite part of the box. They gave you topics to write about and you had to write them down on the card and give them to your partner. It was so sweet and it was something genuine.






The packaging for this box was so adorable. I love the marble feel to it! I think it’s very clean and simplistic throughout the whole box. So, that made me excited alone!




This was a pretty fun game… I’m not gonna lie though, it was suuuuper hard for us. Maybe we’re losers or like not smart but it had so many things going on. I will tell you this though, it was an amazing couple teamwork game.








The food for us, just… Didn’t work out. Lol. The Kettle Corn was a little burnt because Ashton loved messing with it, (🤣) the caramel for the apples did not turn out because it’s like the caramel never got stiff, the apple cider, actually it was pretty good.


First off, I love how simple and cute the packing is. Very subtle but it made me SO excited when I saw it



I’m not gonna lie to ya… This game wasn’t the best. It didn’t really have a “moral” or what have you. Like, there was no real reason to play other than you get to put marbles on the board.

Truthfully, Ashton and I ended up playing the game of LIFE.. lol.



These were…. Okay. Nothing spectacular and not awful! They FOR SURE looked like a million bucks! But the cannoli itself was just really hard. Maybe everyone else would love these but me and ashy didn’t.

So I think this is just a matter of opinion for us!


It’s clear that neither of us could go into the face painting biz 🤣 But none-the-less, it gave us topics to talk about and we did and it was truthfully very cute and made us closer, learning about each other.

Soo my review for Datebox is that I 100% recommend it. The price may be a little higher than some like to spend but truthfully, Ashy and I look forward every month for our box because we take the night off and have SUCH a good time hanging out, cooking and talking to each other. I feel there’s always a rut some couples get into and this box is a good way to spice up the romance and not get there.

If you would like to try it, I would say get a couple months or a one month box and see if you like it and then, if you do! GET IT… Its so sweet and heart warming.

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