Post-Holiday Exhaustion? Try These 5 Things

The holidays are woozy for me. Yes I love the holidays, I ain’t no scrooge. I love spending time with family and playing games and having fun, ruining my diet. ALL the good things.

But they stress me tf out. I’m not gonna lie. It is SO stressful to have to find a gift, worry about spending the same amount on everyone, and ontop of that having to buy for so many people and trying to save money or pay bills. And the fact that we live 1,000 miles away from home and have to drive there and worry about packing all the 500 gifts I wrapped perfectly without smooshing… Doesn’t help.

I will say this though, coming back to Louisiana and walking through the door luggage in hand, is one of THE BEST feelings in this world. No questions asked. So to relive that feeling day after day after the holidays, I try to do a few things to destress myself. Today I’m sharing 5 of my fav things to do to recoup from post-holiday exhaustion.


Go To A Coffee Shop

As crazy as it might sound.. Going to a coffee shop to me, is absolutely one of the most relaxing things ever. That’s where I go when all my friends are busy and I need to write some blog posts and feel anxious because I have so much to do around the house. Find a coffee shop around you, bring your laptop and look on Pinterest or write a diary-like paper, blog, poetry, go and bring pencil and paper and just draw, bring a bible, or literally your phone and sit at a table, get a cappuccino with that pretty coffee art, and keep yourself entertained and listen to the cafe music. (Because it’s usually the best) Go and just relax and take it all in, then you can thank me later.

Be Flexible

Okay, this may be one of the craziest things I’ve ever said, but working out can be SO good for stress. Just a good workout can make you relieve so much stress and take away all those holiday worries. It doesn’t even have to be an intense workout, though! Putting music on and dancing around your house or going to your local park or maybe even a hiking trail and taking a walk, riding a bike or if you’d like.. run; It can make you focus and enjoy your nature surroundings. If your body feels better, so does your mind. And that’s a fact, Jack.


Read A Book

Some people correlate reading with nerds or some think it’s boring but for me, reading is something that will always and forever relax me. Before bed I like to read, even when I get bored! Reading is like opening pages and going into a different world and living the life of someone else. It’s truthfully one of the most relaxing things I could do. If you wanna know some good reads, here’s a good list!

I also have a book club – Check it out here.

Buy Some Flowers

Maybe it’s a me thing but when I’m surrounded by pretty things, I feel overwhelmed with happiness and feel myself. So, the appropriate thing to do is buy yourself flowers?! You will never come to my house and there not be fresh flowers on my coffee table, I promise you that. lol. I just looove going to Kroger or even the flower shop and buying pretty blooms to match whatever season we’re in or how I’m feeling. I feel that if you surround yourself with flowers, you will ultimately feel better on the inside.

Eat Mood Boosting Food

Now here’s something I can get behind. Eating. hahaha, no but really. Did you know that what you eat can change your overall mental health? Well, now ya do. There are certain foods that help boost your mood and that’s one easy way to relax and keep collected. Some examples are nuts, fish, fruits and veggies, avocados, hot cocoa and coffee, and also grass fed beef. Wanna know why those are all great things? High-quality proteins are building blocks for a mood-boosting diet. How cool is it that literally you can eat and become less stressed out? Now it all makes sense.

No matter how you like to de-stress, taking a bath and drinking wine to going out with friends.. Remember that the holidays are so nice to be around family and if you do feel super overwhelmed to where you feel like you need help, please seek it and talk to someone.

I hope you had wonderful holidays and I hope if you feel stressed from them that you take some tips from me or even if you don’t feel stressed. Take some time to self-care.


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