My 2019 Resolutions I Can Actually Accomplish

HELLO 2019!! 💗

This is my second post of the new year, and what better thing to blog about than my goals for the year that I can actually accomplish. I’m all about goals, realistic ones, and sticking to them to the best of my ability. I’ll ring in the new year with awesome, achievable goals and make 2019 the best one yet.

This is one that I will be kinda hard on myself. Since I’m starting a new diet, (Keto Diet) I decided to stay healthy, I gotta drink more water. That’s one of the easiest things to do to not only just feel better physically but to make my skin and hair just as healthy!

Reading is ultimately one of my favorite things to do when I’m not doing anything and bored at the house. In 2018, I stayed busy and never gave myself a chance to read any really good books. So this year I wanna give myself a chance to relax and enjoy some good reads!! So if you have any good recommendations, let ya girl know!!

Okay, this is one that I am not that proud of. So… you know that person that’s always negative…. That’s me. I hate that about myself. One of my biggest flaws, I would say. I don’t really have a reason why, mainly just the fact that everything I go through in life, ends up not working. So I feel that if my mentality gets better and I’m a more positive person, maybe things will start looking up for me.. Ya know?

After our miscarriage, more than anything I felt that I needed to get closer to God. This horrendous thing happened to us no other than to wake us up and show us a deeper meaning. I feel that he did it so we can wake up and get closer to him. Without God nothing is possible, so how do expect to being a human being into the world and raise it the right way and care for it, without him? So, we will get bibles and books and read the good word and worship him like no other!

Starting the new week, (because who can start a diet mid-week??) I’m going on the Keto Diet. If you’re unfimialar, here’s a look into it. So on top of starting the diet, I’m also gonna TRY to workout 4 times a week and gradually work my self up to 6 days a week. I’m like super excited to actually try this diet. There’s so many good recipes and it’s such a good way to lose a few pounds.

Call me a romantic but, I love going out every week with Ashy. We’ve been together since 2012, so after a few years you start to know the other person like the back of your hand. Which is truthfully the greatest feeling but at the same time, some relationships tend to get, for the lack of better words…. boring? Or just in general old? So we have done a few things to always keep things new. Datebox, (doing a review soon because it’s so good) always going on dates to the movies or restaurants, we always do little things like buy each other little gifts here and there. Honestly this is my all time favorite goal and the one that makes me smile. You can always make your relationship better!!


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