Sleigh All Day Vox Box

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Processed with VSCO with q3 preset


Sleigh All Day… Now that’s a quote I can get behind.

Today I had to share with y’all my box from Influenster! A company that sends bloggers, like myself, a box of goodies every so often and we review them. But, even though I didn’t pay for these products doesn’t mean that I’m gonna share with y’all that they are magical and super good if they flat out suck.

This Kaja blush is the cutest thing ever! It’s so compact and pink and look at that sponge! How sweet?! It’s shade 02 Saucy, a dark, dusty mauve color. This little guy is kinda weird, though. First off, I’ve never tried blendable blush so it’s completely new to me, so maybe I just don’t know how to do it, but… It didn’t work the best for me. You have to use your fingers, the color kinda wasn’t my color? It did blend, and it worked, just not well… It’s just not right for me I don’t think, but I love the color itself and the thought behind it! I will keep practicing also, because I love using new products.


Okay.. if you’re anything like me in the winter time, your lips, arms, legs.. everything gets super dry. One thing is for sure though, my lips do especially. That’s why this lip balm totally rocks! I put it on before bed, and it’s so moisturizing and goes on so smoothly. Even though it’s pricey, I guarantee you will help with cracked or dried lips and it 100% will last you a very long while because a little goes a long way!


I got my hair done recently, and I got a balayage but A LOT of blonde. So for a while, my hair got really dry. So I used to a different, more expensive blonde shampoo and condoner and even a really expensive leave in conditioner () And it got better! So I was kind of hesitant to use this shampoo and conditioner, I didn’t want my hair to become dry again. But I was actually VERY surprised when it made my hair extraordinary soft, thick, silky, and it even smelt wonderful! I truthfully love these and will use them when I travel!

This Bioeffect Anti Aging Serum is one on the list that I can’t give an honest review about, I got this package a while ago and have been using it everyday since, but I cant tell a difference yet. On the website is says 90 days is a good time to notice change so.. I will see and hope it works. I will say this, after you clean your face and get ready for bed, it for sure, definitely makes your face SUPER soft and very moisturized.

Well y’all, that was the view for Sleigh All Day voxbox by Influenster. I will say this box was well worth the review and I’m so glad I received it. All of the products I will use everyday and when I run out, I will for sure buy more!

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