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Today is a wedding blog post!! 💍 My F I R S T wedding blog post – actually.

Asking my girls to be my bridesmaids, is the topic for today. It was so fun getting these boxes together and making them look perfect for them. I knew I wanted something they could all benefit from and a little something to have for the day of the wedding. Not only ask them to be my bridesmaid, but show them it ACTUALLY meant something to me for them to be in my wedding.

Asking your closest friends to be in your wedding is such a special moment. That’s one of the first things I looked up when I got engaged, actually. I loved the idea of giving my girls a cute little gift that has a symbolic meaning behind it.

So this is how I threw together a bridesmaid box to ask my girls to be in my wedding. I came up with the perfect box! I’m so excited to share with you.

When I first knew that I wanted to ask my friends and sisters to be in my wedding, I knew that I wanted to ask in a suuuuper cute way. And think long term… Like the robes for instance, that can be used on the wedding day, but then on after if they wanted to! But I also wanted to add some fun in there.. Hence the wine lol.

So the first step, I started by making some cute cards so it gets right to the point. I made these personally, using BeFunky. Very rustic and almost vintage was my vibe.


I decided to go with raw cardboard boxes. Not white or dressed up, just naked boxes. I loved the simplicity. I got these paper mâché boxes and they were perfect! They actually came with holes to tie them with ribbon.. Not sure if it was meant to be there, but it was and I dang sure took advantage of it 🤣

( ( I also bought this tissue paper and this ribbon – Both from Walmart ) )


Lastly, I decided to make my own name tags! I used BeFunky once again and cut them the way I wanted and added all the flowers individually with the girls name. This helped me figure which one is which and it was a cute detail that they could keep.


Here’s what’s inside the boxes ↓

 When I first decided that I wanted to ask them, I knew I wanted to with these AMAZING robes! (in the shade blush) The most common wedding thing people do lol. I know so cliché, I’m sorry!! But this shop is soooo amazing though honestly… no #ad or anything. I wanted them by a certain date and she came through!

I tried to be unique, too. I tried looking for mens long sleeve button-downs like these, and I just didn’t think it was the look I was going for. I didn’t want my girls walking around feeling uncomfortable?? haha.

  • These are the robes. I love them so much! I think they’re super simplistic but super cute at the same time. I couldn’t have chosen better! ALSO VERY SORRY FOR THE QUALITY :(

Next I wanted my girls to enjoy themselves 😉 So I decided to get em some wine and a flute! This wine comes in a 4 pack. (and it’s so good) And I got these glasses in hopes they’ll use em on the wedding day while drinking mimosas! I created these glasses myself. It was like super hard and I don’t love them but they’ll work for now.

  • This is what I used: Paint pen and the glass (obvi)

When it comes to what they wear the day of my wedding, all I want to control is the dress. I hope they decide unique hair styles to make them comfortable and happy and their jewelry… But just in case, I wanted to give them an option, ya know? So I got a pack of earrings for them! I love the ear jacket earrings so these earrings are perfect! I also got this necklace for one of the girls that I feel like has a lot of earrings lol.

So for final review…. they really loved the boxes, suuuuuch a hit and I couldn’t be happier of how they turned out. I cant wait to ask the groomsmen 🤩

Let me know if you want more wedding blog posts.

Thanks for stopping by! ♥︎


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