My New Favorite Lipsticks


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Happy Friday everyone! It’s weekend time 🤘🏼

But, before the weekend is here I wanted to share with you this package I got the other day in the mail. I opened it and I was sooo excited to share with you what was inside and how much I love these products! I feel like you’re really gonna like them.

The box was from

It was so well packaged! Like look at that little lavender! How incredibly sweet… Cute packaging gets me every time and especially this time! It was one of the main things I was excited to show you! lol.

Jane Iredale is a brand that I personally haven’t tried until the other day and I wore the lipstick today to get groceries and last night to a birthday dinner for my friend, and last weekend.. So, I pretty much wear it everyday now! 🤣IMG_3335 2.jpg

When it comes to the box and packing I give it a 10/10. It was pretty fabulous. But, the packaging for the lipsticks themselves… Y’all I give that a 50/10! Seriously it’s gorgeous. I absolutely love the rose-gold tubes, they feel heavy and luxurious and something else is that THEY’RE MAGNETIC!! They are just stunning love it.PenultimateFullSizeRender 3

This product is like the P E R F E C T pinky nude color! Molly was the first lip product I used from Jane and I fell in love with the formula, the color and just overall how it felt on my lips! I will say, it wasn’t as pigmented as I would like it to be.. But I’m totally fine with that because you can layer it up and make it look good! I’ll go ahead and tell ya, I’ll be wearing this for a while.PenultimateFullSizeRender 4

Natalie was the only one that I was kinda iffy about… But the complete opposite! It was a super bright and beautiful pink also the most pigmented! I usually don’t go outside of my comfort zone when it comes to my lips because I always feel self conscious but this one was different for some reason.  It was soooo beautiful on, not as bright but still so pink and beautiful and it felt like a lip-balm it was crazy! I’ll for sure wear this for like New Years or Easter. If you don’t go out of nude colors, DEF try it.

Left – Tender | Middle – Joanna | Right – Diva

Last but NOT least… Joanna. This was the last one that I tried and I wore it to the grocery store. This lip totally gave me Fall and Christmas vibes. I have a similar lip color to this one, actually from LAC called Tender and it was super similar to this one, but still not as good! I have no idea what it is about these lipsticks but they make me forget I’m wearing anything, AND it doesn’t transfer easy… it’s so good!I have to let you know the tea sis!! ☕️

I 100% love these lipsticks… But, I don’t think their the most pigmented lippies I’ve ever had. Which is super unfortunate because they are like the most comfortable ever! They honestly don’t feel like lipsticks, they feel like lipgloss – No lie! BUT one good thing about that is that they don’t transfers easily. Which is usually what happens when I wear a comfy lip product. They’re almost like a stain, honestly. They stay on so well and they are great lip products. So they are for sure BBM approved!! lol.

And that’s all for today! Thank you so much to Jane for sending me these great lipsticks that I will truly use from here on out!

Thanks for stopping by, y’all!!

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