Friday Favorites Vol. 4

It’s Friday y’all! You know what that means… Friday Favorites!! ♥︎

Today is the last day of work for a few of you and for others, the weekend is just another day. Either way, the weekend is H E R E! So exciting!! But before we all celebrate, know that there’s no theme. Just a compilation of my favorite things for a week! (Well for 10 Fridays…. lol)

Favorite Trend: This nail design. This one is also super cute! The picture below is my own picture and I painted my own nails.. So it’s not as cute. HA!

Favorite TV Show: This Is Us.

Guys, if you haven’t watched this TV show on Hulu or NBC… I recommend it 1000%. Truly and honestly, it’s so heartfelt and you will learn so much about life. I have never felt more grateful about my life than from watching this show. Seriously, watch it. It’s so real-life and you could personally find situations in this show to be relatable.

Related image

Favorite Purchase: Life they loved signs

How sweet are these signs?! I saw them and started balling in Hobby Lobby. They make me so happy because all I think about is building a life with my fiancé that I love.

Life They Loved Wood Wall Decor Set

Favorite Song: The Calvary Cross This song is clearly from the show “This Is Us” because I’m obsessed. I’m also very fond of their soundtrack! It’s a very beautiful song that 

Related image

Image result for calvary cross richard and linda thompson

Favorite Free Download: Gingham Wallpaper. This website has other color gingham prints as well!

Favorite Quote(s): Um, of course it’s a This Is Us quote. I guess this week does have a theme. ha!

Image result for this is us quote

Related image

Favorite Video: You guessed it, This Is Us trailer.

Well y’all, by now you should get the hint to go watch This Is Us. lol! Have you watched it? What’s your favorite Friday’s favorite?

Thanks for stopping by!

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