Mr. Coffee Espresso Review


Espresso Maker – $39.99 (ON SALE TODAY ONLY FOR $32.46) // Clear Glass mug – (ON SALE TODAY ONLY FOR $2.26) // Pjs – $19.99 // Black Silk Sleep Mask – $33 // Dish towel set – $5.50 // Farm to TableON SALE FOR $6!! // Oil bottle – $4.99



Good Morning y’all!

Today I’m sharing with you guys what I like and dislike about the Mr. Coffee Espresso Steamer cappuccino and latte maker! I also wanted to share with you a few things about keeping up with it and some tip and tricks for if you decide you would like one! 😉


  • It’s inexpensive and it’s well worth it if you drink lattes or cappuccinos alot!
  • You control the drink yourself – How much and the froth.
  • It comes with a super cute mug.
  • After accomplishing the perfect cappuccino, it’s fun!!
  • It’s a cute piece to have on your counter tops.
  • Save $500 a year by making lattes at home!
  • There’s so many options when choosing what to make.
  • Cheaper coffee than K-Cups for a Keurig.


  • Hard to understand – Not very practical for a big office.
  • A little time consuming.
  • It needs to be up-kept. You have to clean it after EVERY use.
  • Not everyone wants espresso.
  • Can’t make cold drinks.
  • You can’t control the temperature, which makes the drink a little chilled.

Advice From Me:

  • Buy good coffee. Don’t cheap out because if you use cheap coffee it won’t be as good.
  • Don’t use tap water. It makes a difference. Trust me. I use Dasani, but you can use any bottled water.
  • When deciding what milk to use, let me explain. Whole milk will be very full, and rich in flavor and it creates thick froth but not very airy. Skim milk will make very airy froth and the taste is lighter. To meet in the middle, 2% milk is the one – a lot of flavor and makes nice foam great for lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Heat your milk up! Since you cant control the temperature, heating your milk will make the drink warm.
  • Clean it after every use. This makes the machine run better. It’s IMPORTANT to do that.
  • Make sure to decompress the water reservoir after every use. If not, the pressure will build up, and you know what that can do.

Final Review:

Do I think you should get it?

Drum roll………..

Yes. I think for under $40 this espresso machine is well worth the money and will save those who go to coffee shops, a lot of money. You can literally make new and different things every time! It’s so delicious and great quality that I’m sure in no time, I won’t even need to go to Starbucks!! (maybe.. lol)

I hope you enjoyed this review! I think it’s a wonderful investment and I’m excited to try new lattes! Stay tuned and I will update you soon with some cool recipes I make! ♥︎

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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