How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

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July 13th. The day my pup-daughter, Riley was born. ♥︎

Yesterday we celebrated Riley’s birthday. If I do say so myself, it was filled with all kinds of laughs and smiles. She enjoyed herself so much and it was so fun to throw a party for her!

When it came to me throwing together some shenanigans for her, I knew I wanted her to eat some (dog) cake, get a bunch of toys and take lots of pictures. So that’s what we did.

Let me show you what to do and how to throw your dog a party of their dreams!! 🤩

1. First and foremost, you gotta have a backdrop to have your pupper stand in front of to capture the cute moments. I did an adorable tassel banner ($5) and a number ‘2’ gold balloon. ($1.99) Cute, simple and girly! If you gotta boy doggo, this banner ($5.47) sweet!!

2. The best part of any birthday, the FOOD. This bone cookie ($5.99) is the first thing I buy for Riley’s birthday now because she absolutely adores them and they’re harmless towards pups! The sweet little cupcake there, I made that! I used this recipe and used cream cheese frosting for the top (I only let her eat it for her birthday) and added sprinkles and dog food, topped with a number ‘2’ candle ($1.99) (this candle $1.99 for male)



3. Next, let’s talk toys. The problem with my Weimaraner, is that she’s very desructive with her toys. She either eats the toy whole over time, or tears it up completely. So, I got her toys to her liking but you can obvi pick whatever toy your dog likes!

  • This fetch and tug rope ($5.99) (this one for male) was perfect for Riley because it would be very hard for her to chew this up easily. Also after I bought it, I realized it was made by Ellen DeGeneres!! Who knew she made dog toys?!

  • These two toys were something I got her so she can have a little fun and destroy her toys because…. I mean, it is her birthday. lol. This cute little dog bone ($1.47) (this one for male) was perfect for her birthday and it squeaks! (She has already chewed this toy into pieces) And this party piggy ($1.97) was so sweet and it makes that crinkle paper-y sound (ya know what I mean) so it was a no brainer.

  • These two toys were something I thought long-term about. You gotta have something to go to the park with and this tennis ball (99¢) and frisbee (99¢) was so cute, and under $1!!

3. Set aside from dog toys, you gotta spoil the little guy (or girl) with a new collar! My fiancé wanted Riley to have an all leather one and I thought it would be too masculine so I decided to get the best of both worlds with this turquoise collar! I also found these ADORABLE bff tags!!!! ($9.99) How stinkin’ cute?!

4. My thought process when throwing this “bash” for Riley, I was going with almost a.. Flower Child, kinda vibe. So of course, with me being extra, I created this cute little dog flower crown! I simply got some m ($2.49) I had lying around, sized my dog and looped it together, glued faux flowers to pieces of wire and wrapped them around the base! Took a total of 10 minutes, tops.

You could totally do it simple and buy this crown ($12.99) for ya girl dog and this bandana ($11.00) for the male dogs!

And that concludes this blog post! I hope you enjoyed seeing a look inside Riley’s second birthday! ♥︎

A little disclaimer.. This may seem crazy to some people, and that’s perfectly fine. I just want to give my pup a life she deserves. They might only be here a part of our lives, but to them, you are their whole life.

And with that being said, thanks for stopping by, friends!

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