Happy Father’s Day 2018

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers today.

As I sit here typing this… I realize I didn’t get to see my father today. I understand I should be thankful to even call him, a lot of people didn’t toady. So it’s bittersweet, for a few reasons. I wish I could pack up all my things and see daddi-o today. But instead, I’ll call him and hear his sweet voice… And it won’t compare to seeing him, but it’ll still make my day.

So, in honor of my father and all the other fathers and grandfathers… Here’s a few things to love about ‘ole dad.

1. My Fav Pictures With Dad:




2. Fav Times My Dad Taught Me A Lesson:

I got really sad one day and wanted my dad but he was 14 hours a way from me, and he told me “No matter how much you wanna see me, you never really have to be here, because I’m always gonna be in your heart.”

My dad taught me to change my own tire, and I did and have.

He’s told me before that you never start a fight… But you definitely should end it. That’s been something I’ve held close to my heart. (lol)

One thing I’ve also kept right by my heart was that dad told me to always help people in every way you can, and to never judge someone. And that’s something I will one day teach my children. The main things you should know in life.

3. Favorite Father’s Day Quotes:




4. Fav Memories With Dad:

There’s way too many… But, one in particular is one day we went turkey hunting, he found a deer antler a few feet away from him. He picked it up, took it home, cleaned it up, and gave it to me as a gift. Now it sits on my kitchen table.

The day I told my daddy I was moving to Louisiana…. It’s not a good memory to look back on, but it’s one that makes my days so much better. He got pretty upset, and cried. Now every time I come home and see him, he cries and tells me he loves me. This may be super obvious, but that’s a memory I’ll look on when I don’t get to hear it everyday.

There’s so many other memories… Of dad teaching me to drive a standard truck, fishing and hunting… Watching dad hold his granddaughters and grandson for the first time, there’s so so many, I can’t chose.


Well, that’s all I have for ya today on this Father’s Day. I love him so very much and I can’t wait to see the guy sometime soon. ❤︎

I hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones everyone!

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