Bible Verse Week: 16

Happy Sunday! 🌞

Beautiful day her in Lake Charles and I think it’s fair enough to say that I am enjoying this day much more than any other because I start my new job tomorrow and I’m slightly but utterly scared. I feel as if I might regret getting a job because I’m such a homebody…. lol… Wow.

Anywhoobs, lets get into this week’s bible verse shall we?

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

– 2 Chronicles 15:7

So much truth behind this.

But as for you, be strong and do not give up. Clear words… But do understand that there will always be troubles and tribulations that come your way but never give up. There will be times when you feel like giving up will be the easiest thing to do, but in the long run… It’ll be worth it.

Your hard work will be rewarded. Going along with the never giving up… I said in the long run, it’ll be worth it. And the Lord knows that. He says, your hard work will be rewarded. SO BE STRONG. Don’t give up, put your best foot forward and take it head on. Follow him and remain faithful and he won’t let you down.

In the end you have two things to worry about. If you give up now, it will mean that you can stop being strong and you’ll never have to worry about it again. But if you don’t give in and you suck it up, take the troubles and continue on through the bad, in the end the feeling you have that you didn’t give up… Will be so marvelous. You WILL bee rewarded for the hardworking you’ve done.

So this makes me think, if I have a job and I take on having to wake up early and get off work late, I will be rewarded! I will do good and follow Jesus Christ, and the reward will follow. Not only my paycheck.. But the feeling of self-love because I am the one who out in the hard work and I worked for it all with the Lord by my side.

That’s the real thing to think about here, and I will continue to be STRONG and never GIVE UP. Just like the Lord told me to ♥︎


So, if you have troubles and you think that about taking the easy way out and giving up, think to yourself how awesome the feeling will be when you accomplish your project. Don’t give up… You got this!!

I may not be the best at telling you all what I think, but I want to thank you for reading y’all, and Happy Sunday!

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