Lancôme Voxbox

Hi everyone! I’m finally back! ♥︎

 And just in time to share with y’all this wonderful Voxbox I received via, Influenster! This is definitely one of my favorite boxes I’ve gotten!

(I do want to add I tried all these products for about 3 to 4 days to see the outcome of each and all the thoughts below are my own!)

Image 5-2-18 at 1.00 PM

Image 5-2-18 at 1.03 PM

When I first got the box it came in this Lancôme box. When I opened it, it came with 4 beauty products and came with a little paper that explains the good qualities of each product!

Image 5-2-18 at 1.10 PM

Image 5-2-18 at 1.07 PM

The first product that caught my eye was the Genifique Youth Activating Serum! Me being young, I love using serums because they make your face feel fresh and help with wrinkles and under-eye bags! With this product I realized quick how awesome it was! It left my skin radiating and glowing! I mean that sincerely! It helps with firmness and I can honestly say after 3 days, I can tell a difference!

Image 5-2-18 at 1.11 PM

Image 5-2-18 at 1.00 PM (2)

The next product I loved was the Nourishing Foundation! I thought it would be like any other type of foundation, ya know? So when I was trying it on, I didn’t expect much, and by my surprise… I loved it! I kid you not, it’s the most perfect foundation for those days when you don’t wanna wear much makeup but you don’t wanna look dead… lol. The shade was perfect for me and me having dry skin, it was so moisturizing! It’s so weightless and blurred my pores! I will FOR SURE buy this foundation again!


Image 5-2-18 at 1.01 PM

The Ultra Firming and Dark Spot Correcting Moisturizer was something I was so ready to try! Like I said before, I have super dry skin and I’ve used the cheapest to the most expensive moisturizers and this one is very much expensive but oh my the magic it does! I wish I could explain the texture of this. It feels soooo good on your face! I loved using it first then adding the foundation on top, but I’m 100% positive any foundation will do! This was another thing that helped with fine lines and wrinkles but honestly… it helped me so well with being not dry that I would use it solely for that purpose!

Image 5-2-18 at 1.19 PM

Image 5-2-18 at 1.01 PM (1)

The last and final product was a Prismatic Plump Lip Gloss! And oh my gosh!!! Y’all have no idea my face when I saw this beautiful gloss! It’s so beautiful the pictures honestly don’t do it justice! It’s like almost holographic and it has such a wonderful texture and feel to it! It’s honestly so weightless, that I caked my lips because it felt like nothing was on my lips! Lol. But, on a serious note, this is very beautiful and smells wonderful but I must say the only downfall to this would be that it doesn’t last long.. I had to reapply within 6 hours of wearing it. But honestly I would rather wear something thats lightweight and not long lasting than the opposite!


Well, that’s all for today! ♥︎

I hope you enjoyed this post, friends! I love these products, genuinely, and I’m so happy to show them to you! Also a big thank you to Influenster!


4 responses to “Lancôme Voxbox”

  1. Thanks for sharing your honest review! That holographic lip gloss looks divine :)

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    1. It’s beautiful for sure 💕 Glad you enjoyed!

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  2. Hi! I’m an Influenster as well, so jealous you got this VoxBox!! I followed your blog- I look forward to comparing what VoxBoxes we get in the future :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually had no idea I was in the running for this voxbox, so glad I was though! But thank you, I am looking forward to that as well!
      – XOXO

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