April 2018 Monthly Goals




Hi, hello! ♥︎

This month, as well as every other, I made a list of goals that I hope to succeed before the end of the month. I find that I don’t always follow through with some of them… Which is really upsetting. But, I feel if I share some with you, it’ll motivate me a little more! 😆

Brigite’s Goals
  1. Love the little things – My main goal for this month is to take it all in. I mean everything. There’s sometimes where I feel bored and sometimes I feel like I take it for granted. When I’m sitting on the couch or just talking to my fiancé, I should care, love it more.
  2. Take more pictures – This is something that’s been on my mind forever. I love to take pictures. And when I don’t take pictures of something that I later find beautiful, I kinda kick myself. I don’t like to miss beauty in familiar places. I also wanna take more pictures with people I love. I love looking back on those memories.
  3. Love my dog – What a silly thing to make a goal for. But, I saw the other day a video. And of course I cried. But I never realized how short my puppy’s life is. And I need to spoil the heck out of her and make her life so beautiful. Just as I want my own.
  4. Read more – Okay, I know cliché.. But, I feel as though I should read a lot more. Just because when you read, you live a million different lives. How cool is that? To get lost and be someone else for a while. Not because you’re miserable or anything.. Just to live like someone else for a while. Just to experience it.
  5. Be friendlier – As I type this, I feel that it’s something that should be obvious. But in general, I wanna be kinder. To the people I love that annoy me and I make mad, to someone who doesn’t even know my name. I don’t wanna be a toxic person. I wanna love and find good in everyone. I want to be nicer to the ones I’m already kind to. Just be a friend.
  6. Go to Keeneland – This is a goal, but necessarily a want!! I’ve been wanting to go for soooo long and my fiancé and I are going home the 10th of April, (the perfect time for Keeneland) and I wanna dress up and wear a big, beautiful hat and eat some expensive food!
  7. Enjoy the rain – When people think of rain, it’s like an automatic, “Ugh, rain on my parade.” But for me, I wanna enjoy it! April showers bring May flowers and I wanna embrace that! You don’t have to dance in the rain just take pictures of it, or just listen to it and take a nap!
Beautiful Blest Mess Goals
  1. Blog at least 10 times a month – Blogging is so much fun. Me writing this, or doing a fashion post. It’s fun to write. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have anything to write about but I always try to find something to share with you all!
  2. Make a schedule for my blog – I always see people that have a set schedule for their blog. (The good bloggers is everyday lol) But, I wanna set an actual schedule to post for you all! So, when it is Monday, Wednesday and Friday… You’ll look forward to it. It’ll help me and you.
  3. Write blog posts early – This is a goal to really just help myself. I catch myself writing blog posts the day that I’m going to post them and it’s a little time consuming and just stresses me out. I wanna write them early and take pictures for them so I can just push a button and post!
  4. Take better pictures – This is kinda going towards my take more pictures.. Take better pictures! I wanna get a new camera honestly and just write 10/10 blogs with 10/10 pictures!
  5. Share my blog more – Not all of my friends and family know about this blog platform. I don’t really hide it, I just don’t embrace it as I should. I’m not embarrassed I just haven’t gotten that comfortable yet. I wanna change that! I wanna share it and exploit it!


Here’s a cute little image I found too by Evelyn Henson! This will defintely make anyone wanna set some goals for this month!


Evelyn Henson www.evelynhenson.com

Do you like any of these goals? Do you have any set for this month? If so, share them with me!! ♥︎

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