Favorite Beauty Products of March 2018


Oh my goodness y’all! It’s APRIL. I repeat, April. Does that make anyone else a little antsy because like, where does time go? Because same.

While freaking out over how fast time goes… because I’m basically a 60 year old woman… I have tried so many products!! So, stick around girls and boys, March Favorites coming in H A W T.

Shampoo – $3.69 // Conditioner – $3.69


First off, my favorite thing is this shampoo and this conditioner. So, you may or may not know this… But I’m a huge fan of the Kardashians! And this is the duo set that Kim K uses! (See article here) And I know she does incredible things to her hair so it must be worth the try!

Makeup Remover Wipes – $6.99


These makeup remover wipes are the best ever! I used to use these wipes and I loved them! But, one day I saw these wipes and decided to try them because they were knew and I’m so glad I did. They leave my face soooo soft! I seriously use them even when I’m not wearing makeup!

Heat Protection Spray – $4.98


When it comes to hair, I’m a super freak. I literally will do anything to have healthy hair! I feel like it’s kind of a security blanket, sort of? And it’s something I can actually control. I rarely use heat on my hair, but when I do I use this heat spray because it works wonders! It makes my hair so soft and healthy!

Healing Hand Cream – $3.89


Okay this might be a weird thing to show you? Maybe not. Either way I had to! I actually bought this hand cream for my fiancé! His hands get really bad cracked to the point where he bleeds… So I got him this lotion in hopes maybe it’ll moisturize his hands and it won’t be so bad and it succeeded! It helped so much and he uses it everyday! So do I! So if you have really dry hands, this is legendary!

Aveda Scalp Revitalizer – $19.00


This is a product that I received free in the mail! And I’m so glad I did! It’s said to help with hair loss. I don’t have a lot of fall out.. Only when I take a shower but I must say that it has helped! I only use it every now and again when I start to see it fall out and when my hair gets kinda thin.. and my hair looks and feels thicker! 


That’s all that I have for you, today! I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ll share more next month.

If you liked/use any of these tell me a favorite! ♥︎



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