The Best Beach Cover-Ups

When Spring & Summer come around, I always buy a new swimsuit. Along with many other people.. lol.

One thing I feel that gets left out a lot is the cover ups! Which is odd because instead of wearing a T-shirt and some denim shorts… Why not get a cute beach cover and call it a day! And most cover ups are acceptable to wear even if you don’t go to the pool or the beach.

A lot of what I picked is for sure acceptable to wear alone, and A L L of these bad boys are under $50!!!


1. Coral and magenta maxi cover-up – $42

2Chiffon Cover-Up Kimono – $29

3Nautical Stripe Cover-up – $16.99

4Graphic Tank Cover Up – $17.99

5Shay Romper Coverup – $49.50

6. Striped Cover-Up – $22.90

7. Pom Pom Open Back – $34

8Fishnet Swim Cover-Up – $17.90

9Flowy Kimono Cover-Up – $21.99

10Strapless Swim Cover-Up Dress – $19.90

And that’s all for today Friend-os :)

Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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