Scentsy Review: 2018






Hi my lovely friends!

First off, I wanted to know if you guys liked smelly good things!? Candles or wax scents, diffusers or even just laundry or perfume? If you said yes to any of those or even one…

L i s t e n U p!

Because me too… Which is why I’m even sharing this blog post with you! I wanted to show you an awesome new thing that I’ve tried recently and I feel that you’ll love it. It’s a cool company called Scentsy.

This company is really cool because it’s all the scents you can think of but they don’t sell candles! That’s right. They provide a safe, personal alternative to traditional candles. They are an up-coming international leader that sell innovative and stylish, cute products for everyone.

They sell diffusers, (which you use with essential oils) they sell wax bars (which you heat in a warmer) and they include on-the-go fragrances, laundry care, cleaning solutions and personal care products for women, men and kids! So it’s not all for women!


So, I must throw in there I got this warmer and this wax bar, (which I think is more masculine) this one and this one. (Which both are more sweet smelling) And I love all three!

When it comes to smells, I’m a huge fan of the “bakery” smell. Like vanilla, or caramel and things like that. I gravitate more towards those smells, so if you think you wouldn’t like that obviously don’t try it..

But Scentsy helps you shop by the smells you like! You can do that here.

All in all, this company is incredible because they are so safe and help parents all over with eliminating candles and adding some more efficient ways to make your home, clothes and car smell good! And they have kids things which blows my mind all together because even my niece loves it!

(DISCLAIMER: ALL THOUGHTS ARE MY OWN) BUT, I did want to share this company because my sister started selling it! If you wanna order from her, go here! And obviously I’m gonna support her with all she does and her little 1 year old. She does get 8% commission but she doesn’t get any information of yours! SOOO go ahead.

But, that’t it y’all! I hope you enjoyed and I hope you learned something new!

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