My Love for FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9



Hi friends!!

Today I wanted to share with you my new favorite thing!!

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9!

I have a huge passion for taking pictures and I’m a very sentimental person so I love to keep everything that lets me remember a certain memory. But to take pictures and have them developed always isn’t in my time frame. So for Valentine’s Day, I asked my wonderful future hubby for this camera… and I got it. ❤️ (How sweet!)

The reason this camera in particular was on my want list was because I remember as a little kid always taking pictures with the one my mother had! And I remember always taking family photos and I loved the beauty of having vintage photos that make me remember that memory but also the feeling of having to shake the picture to get it to appear, just brings me happiness of when I was younger. And of course my favorite color is pink! So I thought it was just an all around perfect setup!


I love the all around beauty of this camera. It’s very lightweight and it comes with a cute wrist strap! But, if you’d like to add a neck strap you could because there’s holes on both sides for it.

There’s a cute little mirror in the front that shows you who or what is going to be in the photo. It obviously has a flash and another cool thing about this camera is that you can change the light setting! You can choose a home setting, really sunny setting, regular sunny setting, cloudy setting, and hi-key!

This camera is such a great price point! Under $60 is fantastic! The film is kinda expensive but Ashton bought me this huge package! It comes with 100 and it’ll last me forever! I highly recommend it.

Overall, I love this camera. If you’re on the cliff about getting it, I would take the jump. It’s so worth it and so easy to bring wherever! I love it for holidays like Christmas and of course V-day!

100% recommed!

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