Valentine’s Day Checklist: Going Out or Staying In


Staying In

1. Satin Kimono – $58 // 2. Mule Slipper $54.95 // 3. Cupcake Moscato d’Asti – $10.99 // 4. Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb – $6.95 // 5. (500) Days of Summer – $5 // 6. 12 French macarons – $18 // 7. GravityMud Peel Mask – $5.99 // 8. Memory Foam Body Pillow – $39.99 // 9. “A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy” Book – $18

This is my version of Staying In on love day… If you wanna stay in, I  H I G H L Y recommend this beautiful satin robe that my hubby got me not too long ago as a special gift for our anniversary! Also, I  S W E A R by that cupcake wine! You can literally never go wrong with wine and macarons, folks. Take that to ya grave. 500 Days of Summer is my F A V movie, VDAY or not… And of course, if you wanna drink some wine, lay in the bath and eat macarons, use that LUSH bath bomb and put a dang face mask on! The GravityMud peel mask is great! So is that  A D O R A B L E book! Y’ALL?!

Going Out

1. Suede Mini Skirt – $60 // 2. Scallop Hem Tee – $13.99 // 3. Velvet Teddy | Boldy Bare – $27 // 4. Crystal Layered Necklace – $34 // 5. Rose Gold Crystal Bracelet – $26 // 6. Cateye Sunglasses – $14.99 // 7. Velvet Shoulder Bag – $20 // 8. Rose Gold Layered Ring – $24.95 // 9. Valentine’s Day Card – $5.95


And of course if you’re the kinda gal that has to go out on Vday, go out in style! That skirt is S O cute and I love the texture! Pair it with that cute scallop tee and girrrrrl… Also, I found that necklace at such a good price! And it goes soo well with that gold leafy looking bracelet. Don’t forget a ring though.. I love layered necklaces and rings! It looks so elegant. When it comes to bags, I love a good shoulder bag. Make that a V E L V E T bag, and you have me sold. I also think that bag goes P E R F E C T with those cat eye sunnies! Last but not least… When you go out, you can’t forget a cute card! I  O B V I went along with the whole “night out” theme but hallmark has some cute personal ones that your gal or bae will love!


That’s all I have for ya! I think the idea of Valentines Day is that everyone has to go out and spend a lot of money and be all around your bae (or friends) but honestly, it doesn’t have to be! It’s okay to want to stay in and relax- spouse or not!

That being said, I threw together this cute little thing for inspiration on what you wanna do and how to do so! Hope ya liked it. ♥︎

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